DoorCom ISDN Set
DCA/IT 740-0 Set

Product Details

DoorCom ISDN Set
DCA/IT 740-0 Set

DoorCom analogue set for Siedle Multi comprising two individual devices in switch panel housing.

The universal a/b interface links Siedle door and in-house telephony to the public network at the standardized a/b interface of the telephone network or at the relevant TC system output. With display and 6 buttons for configuration. In relation to the door station, it acts in the same way as 4 Multi telephones.
Performance features.
• System functions door release and light using the DTMF dialling method
• Per DCA 740-… set, 1-4 call destinations possible
• Max. 9 control functions can be executed via FSM 740-… by means of DTMF dialling
• 3 transistor outputs for AR 85052-10 or AR 85911-10 freely programmable with status enquiry. The outputs can be used for doormatic status display, single concierge or as a switching function.
• 3 potential-free outputs can be used for door release, storey calls, call silencing and single concierge functions.
• Selective dialling of max. 6 door loudspeakers via code speed dial
• Selective dialling of the door which made the last call
• Doormatic function per user
• Assignable call number (max. 22-digit)
• Direct calls, selective user calls to PBX extensions, to the public network or mobile networks, chain calls on no answer or engaged
• Day/night service switching to alternative call destinations (depending on existing TC system on site)
• Switching from door intercom to telephone mode
• Several DCAs possible in one intercom system/in one TC system
• Adjustable call and connection time
• Signalling of door calls prior to call acceptance
• Call differentiation when using two DCA 740-… sets possible.
• PIN protection can be activated, e.g. for programming, door release, switching functions and function activation.
Facility for using individual performance features can differ depending on the TC system used. Please enquire with your TC system supplier.

Technical Data

Scope of supply: DCA 740‑0 and IT 740‑0
Operating voltage: 24 V DC
Protection system: IP 20
Ambient temperature: 0 °C to +40 °C
Horizontal pitch (HP): 2 x 6
Dimensions (mm) W x H x D: 107 x 89 x 60

Product information

Product designation Product description Colour/Material CG Article no.
DCA/IT 740-0 SetDoorCom ISDN SetOthersE200086730-00