Electronic key reader
CELM 600-0

Product Details

Electronic key reader
CELM 600-0

Electronic key reader with MIFARE DESFire EV1/2 technology as contactless access control system with function LED. Compatible with the new EK/EKC 600-… electronic keys or cards.
As reading unit of electronic keys or cards for opening doors, gates etc.
Suitable for:
• Stand-alone operation
A maximum of 9 electronic keys or cards can be used.
• Operation with entrance controller EC 602-…
A maximum of 899 electronic keys or cards can be used.
Programming takes place using PRI 602-… USB or PRI 602-… and PRS 602-…
• Operation with Secure Controller SC 600-…
A maximum of 500.000 users possible.
Programming via web browser

Technical Data

Operating voltage: 12 V AC or 12–30 V DC
Operating current: max. 120 mA or max. 50 mA
Contact type: contact 24 V, 2 A
Protection system: IP 54
Ambient temperature: –20 °C to +55 °C

Product information

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CELM 600-0Electronic key reader-