Standard bus handsfree telephone
BFS 850-02 ALF

Product Details

Standard bus handsfree telephone
BFS 850-02 ALF

Standard handsfree bus telephone for the Siedle In-Home bus, made of high-grade plastic.
With the basic functions calling, speech, door release, light and storey call.
Performance features:
• Door release, light, call silencing and speech/control button
• Status display with active speech connection
• Call silencing and status display
• Optical call display by flashing of the speech button
• Light and call silencing button can be freely configured and double-assigned
• Call generator with 11 call tone sequences, including chime
• Call differentiation for storey call, 2 door calls and internal call
• Speech volume adjustable in 5 stages
• Call volume adjustable in 5 stages up to max. 83 dB(A)
• Parallel operation of max. 4 standard handsfree bus telephones (From the 3rd unit, the PRI 602-… USB and ZBVG 650-… is required for programming).
• Door release/light function at any time via the bus line
• Door release possible at any time, also with no prior door call
• Interfacing relay accessory handsfree ZARF 850-0 upgradable with potential-free contact
• Base plate pre-installable with terminals
• Can be used as a table-top unit using table-top accessory ZTS 800-…

Technical Data

Ambient temperature: +5 °C to +40 °C
Dimensions (mm) W x H x D: 91 x 164 x 27

Product information