Letter flap
BE 611-4/1-0

Product Details

Letter flap
BE 611-4/1-0

Letterbox flaps module made of extruded aluminium sheath, plastic-coated or painted.
The pass-through opening behind the flap can be adjusted in three stages: From the biggest possible opening of 30.5 mm to 20 mm, and if necessary the opening can be completely closed (e.g. during holiday periods). Self-closing flap, torsion-resistant, low-noise operation due to sealing lip. Pass-through and anti-pilfer device to DIN EN 13724. Can be screwed onto BKV 611-4/… or wall recess. Inscription field under the letterflap.
Only in conjunction with the BKV 611-4/… or with user’s own letter compartment.

Technical Data

Pass-through size (mm) W x H: 351 x 36
Nameplate size (mm) W x H: 85 x 16
Dimensions (mm) W x H x D: 399 x 99 x 6

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