Access in-house telephone
AHT 870-0

Product Details

Access in-house telephone
AHT 870-0

Access in-house telephone with door release button and 7 additional buttons with 2-colour status LED. All buttons are freely programmable. The display shows the graphic menu interface, but not a camera image. It is possible to upgrade to a fully functional video station.
With the functions calling, speech, door release, light, remote switching and call barring.
With the additional purchase of the AUV 870-… T, the AHT 870-… can be transformed into a fully valid video indoor device.
Performance features:
• Display 8.8 cm
• Input for storey call
• Output freely programmable
• Call differentiation between door calls, storey calls, and internal calls
• Switching functions
• Status messages
• Can be used with table-top accessory AZTV 870-… as a table-top device
A marking template is provided in the download area of our website.

Technical Data

Operating voltage: PoE in accordance with 802.3af
Ambient temperature: +5 °C to +40 °C
Dimensions (mm) W x H x D: 106 x 278 x 51

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