Storage compartment module
AFM 611-4/4-0

Product Details

Storage compartment module
AFM 611-4/4-0

Delivery compartment module with removal door at the front to be used for purposes such as a compartment for deliveries by baker, milkman etc. Removal door made of plastic-coated or painted aluminium, torsion-resistant, hard-wearing, concealed hinges made of plastic.
With top sealing lip and convenient turn-lock fastener. The opening door is automatically stopped at a predetermined angle. Module made of foam plastic, with rack. The square shape permits mounting in letterbox housings BGU/BGA 611-… with fastening facility at the combination frame.
Suitable for external installation.

Technical Data

Mounting depth (mm): 117
Height of structure (mm): 18
Dimensions (mm) W x H x D: 399 x 399 x 135

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