Widely supplied with Siedle Access Professional

The Schwarzwald-Baar hospital sets standards in terms of comfort, diagnostics and treatment. When it comes to building communication, those responsible at this large hospital insist on a technology which integrates into their complex IT infrastructure. This is where our IP-based Siedle Access Professional system sets the standards and meets the high requirements.

Siedle Access flexible application options
Siedle Access flexible application options

A question of flexibility

The requirements: Flexibility is the key criteria at this hospital when it comes to building communication. Bridging considerable distances and networking numerous users are just two aspects of this. Access to sensitive areas and the 24 departments must also be as carefully controlled as the access rights of visitors and suppliers. The hospital has specific requirements for end devices: The system must network the external and internal doors as well as 19 lifts with WLAN telephones.

The Siedle concept: The Siedle Access Professional system integrates seamlessly into any IP network. Its high performance makes it ideal for projects with different usage and function profiles – especially in extensive building complexes. No network or IP protocol gets out at the boundary between public and confidential areas.

The modular structure of the Siedle Vario design line enables hospital-appropriate communication internally and externally. Custom-made communication pedestals meet all security criteria at the central entrances.

The components: The Siedle Access Professional system with special programming for the use of WLAN telephony, custom-made video door station from the Siedle Steel and Siedle Classic design lines as well as door stations from the modular Siedle Vario design line – each with different function arrangements

Architecture: Thiede, Messthaler, Klösges Architekten/Ingenieure; Vögele Architekten; TMK Architekten, Düsseldorf

​​​​​​​Electrical planning: Ebert Ingenieure, Nuremberg; Oberle Ingenieure, Villingen-Schwenningen

Electrical installation: primion Technology, Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Several function profiles, one system: Siedle Access Professional

Equipped for all scenarios

Fire protection is the utmost priority: The pedestal at the main entrance integrates a release element for the fire brigade key box. Like all systems from the Siedle Steel design line, it is unique.

Siedle Steel
Accurately programmed

The various A & E department stations can be reached via telephone groups which can be flexibly programmed to the call buttons on the door stations in the Siedle Classic design line.

Siedle Classic
Strict incoming goods control

Access to the incoming goods department is clearly regulated. Suppliers are only admitted if they have access authorisation or identify themselves via the intercom system.

Siedle Access Professional in detail
Prepared for retrofitting

The hospital pharmacy is a sensitive area. Those who are entitled to access log-in personally via the intercom system. A video camera and electronic key reader can later replace the Siedle Vario dummy module.

Siedle Vario
Emergency calls ensured in the lift

Siedle programs this application on a case-by-case basis. The lift emergency call is linked to the Access system and in an emergency can be accepted with any connected telephone handset.

Siedle Access Professional
Convenience and security combined

The pedestals in the car park contain two identical Vario systems. Drivers use the upper or lower one depending on the height of their vehicle. This provides convenience and helps to prevent accidents.

Individually programmed telephony

Due to the structural mass, mobile communications is not possible. Employees can be reached on the go via WLAN telephony. The link between Access and the hospital server is a special solution from Siedle.

Siedle Access Professional in detail

Siedle Access Professional in detail

Our experts in the market: Access Certified Partners

We have established a special network of partners for Siedle Access Professional: Access Certified Partners. Access Certified Partners (ACP) are authorised to commission Access systems. Their suitability for professionally planning and managing Access has been verified in audits and certified by Siedle.

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