Exemplary networking with Siedle Access Professional

Meet the perfect combination of architecture and intelligent home technology: the “smart home” of a family in Remscheid. The residential building also serves as a show home for the family company, which specialises in building automation. So it’s no surprise that they opted for Siedle Access Professional.


Sophisticated technology in stainless steel

The requirements: For his showpiece in terms of building automation, the owner expects all conceivable technical details. The system should control the door communication, all switching processes for lighting, shutters and heating as well as the video and audio technology which is used for training architects and installers.

The Siedle concept: The Siedle Access Professional IP system integrates seamlessly into the IP network; the door communication satisfies the special requirements, switching processes are controlled via KNX programming and monitored from any location via the Internet. The door stations in the Siedle Steel design line and the indoor stations with stainless steel surface satisfy the owners' exacting quality and design standards.

The components: The Siedle Access Professional IP system including licence for KNX connection, a free standing door intercom system and various flush mounting door stations from the Siedle Steel design line , code lock, camera, Siedle Comfort in-house telephone with audio and video function.

Electrical planning: Merkana IT-Service GmbH, Remscheid

Electrical installation: Merkana IT-Service GmbH, Remscheid

Siedle Access
A direct line to the IP network

Siedle Access Professional is compatible with the global network standard. It serves voice connections and video as well as complex switching and control functions.

Siedle Access Professional
Smart: the KNX connection

Linked to the KNX automation systems, Siedle Access Professional takes care of the switching processes in the smart home: lights, blinds, heating as well as those of the audio and video systems.

Siedle Access Professional
Steel the show

A free standing stele from the Siedle Steel design line represents the first point of contact with visitors. At the entrance, it picks up on the clean lines of the stepped building.

Siedle Steel
Inside: a wide variety of materials

The brushed stainless steel perfectly complements the linear interior design. There are a number of materials to choose from for the front of Siedle indoor stations. Siedle Manufaktur design concept fulfils individual requests.

Siedle indoor stations

Siedle Access Professional in detail

Our experts in the market: Access Certified Partners

We have established a special network of partners for Siedle Access Professional: Access Certified Partners. Access Certified Partners (ACP) are authorised to commission Access systems. Their suitability for professionally planning and managing Access has been verified in audits and certified by Siedle.

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