Siesmayer Carrée

Siesmayer Carrée, Frankfurt a.M.

The building, with the then novel curtain wall, became a mile stone of the classic modern.

Over the years, however, the building’s location near to the street lead to increasing safety concerns on the part of the American authorities, and finally to the consulate moving in 2005.

The site was converted to a modern office and living complex under the name “Siesmayer Carrée”. Besides the new construction of two urban villas designed by Jo Franzke, the aim of the project was to have the listed former consulate building revitalised by schneider+ schumacher.

Siesmayer Carrée, Frankfurt a.M.

In spite of current heat, sound and fire protection regulations, the appearance of the external facade of the building was not allowed to be changed.

This meant that the architectural character was preserved as far as possible, including at the entrance, where the Siedle Steel communication system was fitted.

The door station made of solid, white painted stainless steel was designed, cut and built exactly according to the architects’ plans. Jo Franzke’s two urban villas were also fitted with Siedle Steel systems.

Siesmayer Carrée, Frankfurt a.M.

The three-part white painted stainless steel Siedle Steel panel was fitted flush over the entire height between two glass elements.

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