Installing Siedle Vario has never been easier

Siedle Vario can be installed quickly and with no errors. All it takes are a few terminal blocks and plug connections. Siedle accessories are available for connecting older Vario modules.

Set up an intercom system in just a few steps

Sufficient space to work

The large installation space makes set-up a breeze. It offers plenty of room for additional wires for expanding or changing functional modules, for example.

Plugging replaces screwing

Siedle Vario makes screwing in wires a thing of the past. Installation is quick and easy: the entire system can be fitted with just a few terminal blocks.

Fully connected with zero errors

The functional modules can be connected in seconds. The ribbon cables for camera, information field and call buttons are simply plugged in, with the colour-coded plugs eliminating the risk of incorrect connections.

On your marks, connect, go

The Vario system lets users connect the functions to any module space on the mounting frame. The locking mechanism ensures a secure connection with no need for screws.

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