High-class and robust: PVD coatings

Iridescent copper, noble brass and elegant black: The extremely thin PVD coatings emphasise the texture of the stainless steel in our Siedle Classic and Siedle Steel design lines. These coatings are scratch-resistant, weather-resistant and easy to clean.

Ideal for customised planning

The combination of the polished and brushed surface textures with the three colours results in six variants for the design of system fronts for Siedle Classic and Siedle Steel. There are no restrictions on their format; we ensure a homogeneous colour scheme for multi-part systems or retrofits. Thanks to the optimised procurement process, we can deliver PVD-coated systems promptly.

Siedle Classic Edelstahl gebuerstet
The base material: Stainless steel

Brushed or polished – we use V2A stainless steel as the base material for PVD coatings.

Siedle Classic PVD Kupfer
Copper PVD coating

Modern yet timeless: The warm tones of the copper PVD coating. Scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

Siedle Classic PVD Messing
Brass PVD coating

The brass PVD coating impresses with a perfect surface and brilliant colour quality.

Siedle Classic PVD Schwarz
Black PVD coating

Extremely thin and highly robust: The PVD coating in elegant black creates a striking feature on the façade.

The design lines with PVD coatings

While upholding Siedle’s tradition, Siedle Classic is up-to-date when it comes to design, function, material and processing. These intercom systems fulfil the highest expectations at the entrance.

Siedle Classic

Door intercom systems in the Siedle Steel design line are unique pieces which are configured and produced to the customer’s specifications. The clear, elegant aesthetic is the hallmark of this high-end system.

Siedle Steel