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Siedle Smart Gateway Classic-Set door intercom system

Door intercom system sets with app

Our sets for mobile door communication do not need an indoor station. The Smart Gateway and the Siedle app bring door calls directly to your mobile end devices. All around the world.

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Gegensprechanlage Video Siedle Set CVB 850-1 E W Compact VIB

Video set

Our video set in the Compact design line offers door communication with optimum sound and image quality. Equipped with a video door station and a video indoor station it ensures maximum security at the entrance.

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Siedle Compact audio intercom system

Audio intercom systems

Our audio sets are the cost-effective gateway to the world of Siedle. They are suitable for up to four residential units and feature all the functions that are typically required at the entrance.

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Door intercom system sets from Siedle

As a manufacturer of door intercom systems as well as other types of intercom systems, Siedle is proud of the high quality and functionality of its products. Not only do our door intercom systems offer increased security for your home, office or industry, they also provide convenient and modern communication options.

Our door intercom systems enable you to speak to your visitors any time, from anywhere, simply from your smartphone or PC. Our door intercom systems feature a user-friendly app , which gives you mobile access to your door intercom system any time and from anywhere. And for indoors, we have additional video panels, hands-free devices or in-house telephones with receivers, which are fixed in place and can also be used when your mobile phone is not to hand.

We offer a range of models and designs to suit every need – from detached homes to apartment buildings, from a simple intercom system to ultra-modern video door intercom systems , supplying clear images even at night. Our door intercom systems are an investment in the future – not only do they increase security, they also improve day-to-day life by facilitating easy, modern communication. Here at Siedle, we focus on sustainable products . Our door intercom systems are durable and retrofittable. 

Trust the experience and know-how of Siedle as a leading manufacturer of door intercom systems and intercom systems. Discover our wide range of models and designs and find the perfect system for your needs. 

Questions and answers for our intercom systems

A door intercom system is a device used to communicate with people at an entrance door before letting them in. The system consists of two parts: the outdoor unit and the indoor station. 

The outdoor unit is normally installed next to the door or in the entrance area and contains a microphone and a loudspeaker. When someone rings the doorbell, a call tone sounds on the indoor station.  

The indoor station can be fixed in place and also contains a microphone and a loudspeaker. The indoor station allows the user to speak to the person at the door before letting them in. If the user decides to open the door, this can normally be done by pressing a button on the indoor station.

Modern door intercom systems may also offer video surveillance, remote control via app or other functions which improve security and control access to the building.

There are a multitude of door intercom systems, with different functions, sizes, designs and prices. Here are a few of the most common types:  

  1. Audio door intercom systems: This type of door intercom system enables communication between the door station and the indoor station via transmission of audio signals. An audio door intercom system enables occupants to talk to a visitor and open the door for them if they wish.  

  2. Video door intercom systems: A video door intercom system enables occupants to see and talk to a visitor. This type of door intercom system offers an additional level of security and gives the occupant the option to view the video on a screen in their home.  

  3. Combined audio/video door intercom systems: A combined audio/video door intercom system is a combination of an audio and a video door intercom system and offers the advantages of both systems. It allows the occupant to mix pure audio door stations and indoor stations with video door stations and indoor stations in the same system.  

  4. Wi-Fi door intercom systems: A Wi-Fi door intercom system is a wireless door intercom system which can be connected to a mobile device via the building’s Wi-Fi network. It enables the occupant to access the door intercom system from anywhere so they can see who is at the door and talk to the visitor.  

  5. Smart home door intercom systems: A smart home door intercom system is a door intercom system which is integrated into an smart home system. It can be connected to other smart devices in the home to enable seamless control and monitoring of the home system.  

These are just a few examples of the different types of door intercom systems available on the market. The right door intercom system depends on the user’s individual requirements and can range from a simple audio door intercom system to a complex, extensive smart door intercom system.  

Installing a door intercom system is a complex task which requires proper cabling and connections. For this reason, it is highly important to have the installation carried out by a qualified electrician An electrician has the necessary knowledge and experience to install the door intercom system professionally and safely.

Not only can an incorrectly installed door intercom system lead to communication problems, it can also have a negative effect on the security of the building. If the cabling or connections are faulty this can lead to a risk of fire or other damage. For this reason, you should always consult an electrician when you want to install a door intercom system.

Furthermore, depending on the country and region, there may be statutory regulations which stipulate professional installation of electrical devices, such as door intercom systems, by authorised electricians. Therefore it is important to familiarise yourself with the relevant regulations and requirements in your region.

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