“The combi module is an impressive piece of engineering.”

Christoph Weber, Siedle's Director of Technology about the Access camera door loudspeaker for Siedle Vario


Two functions, one module

With the Siedle Access camera door loudspeaker, we are combining two functions in one Vario module for the first time: audio and video. Instead of two modules, just one is now sufficient. The mounting frame is smaller and installation is easier. This makes a difference when it comes to cost, especially on projects with many access points.

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Reliable, quick installation

Network connector, ribbon cable, done! The Vario IP concept enables error-free installation of a Siedle IP door station. Just the supplied patch cable, a network module and a standard CAT 7 cable are all that's needed for connection. The connections for the basic functions are simply plugged in, while the power is supplied via PoE.


Innovative cooling, suitable for outdoors

Our engineers have excelled themselves when it comes to the combi module for Siedle Vario IP. Despite its flatter design, all the technology is integrated in the all-metal housing. The clever thermal management is an innovation; the processor is passively cooled directly through the housing. And thanks to the sophisticated design of the slats, the device is fully suitable for outdoor use.

Quicker installation, bigger savings

The technological concepts behind the Siedle Vario IP are designed for cost-effective system creation as well as easier operation and installation.

The combi module that cuts costs

For Siedle Vario IP, we have combined the door loudspeaker and camera in a single function module. This saves money: during production, in terms of space required and during installation.

Product details
No controller, no costs

The Access camera door loudspeaker for Siedle Vario does not require a door loudspeaker controller or a line rectifier, removing any associated costs. It is supplied via a PoE switch.

Small footprint, big savings

For control of the door release, there is an IP switching actuator which is supplied via PoE. One horizontal pitch in the control cabinet is sufficient for this – saving space, making installation easier and therefore saving money.

Product details
Less effort thanks to direct connection

The Access camera door loudspeaker has a network connection. It is connected directly to the LAN and the IP system with Siedle Access Professional via its RJ45 socket.

Price example for a logistics centre

Siedle Access Professional really comes into its own here: savings of 35% are possible in a logistics centre with many door stations at the barrier entrance and the access points to the warehouse and offices.

Price example
Price example for an office building

This saves you 29% compared to the conventional installation: The Access camera door loudspeaker for Siedle Vario is used in all the door stations in this commercial building.

Price example
Price example for an apartment building

The door station in this apartment building consists of the Siedle Vario combi module, 24 call buttons and an illuminated building number. This delivers cost savings of 21%.

Price example

The functions of Siedle Vario IP

In a system with Siedle Access Professional, the Siedle Vario IP design line gives a face to your door communication at the entrance. The required functions can be combined as desired and yet produce a uniform appearance.

Access camera door loudspeaker

The volume of the loudspeaker for the Siedle Vario IP combi module and the sensitivity of the microphone can be adjusted. The camera has a pick-up angle of 130 degrees.

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Access door loudspeaker

In audio door intercom systems or systems with external IP camera, the Access door loudspeaker is the central device. Cabling is easy with its plug-in connections.

Product details
Call buttons for Siedle Vario

The Siedle Vario call buttons are intuitive and reliable to use. For the lighting, an energy-saving day-night mode can also be stored in a system with Siedle Access Professional.

Product details
Further functions for Vario IP

The IP switching actuator controls the door release on a tamper-proof line, and rounds off systems with Siedle Access Professional for Siedle Vario. Further functions are available.

More about Siedle Vario

Guaranteed security in four stages

With a four-stage security concept, Siedle Vario IP is protected against the majority of risks.

Siedle Classic pilfer safeguard
Stage 1: Mechanical protection

Our pilfer safeguard controller, which controls a solid lock, protects against mechanical intrusion. A system cannot be opened in a non-destructive manner even with special tools.

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Stage 2: Tamper protection

All the components of the IP door are protected, the door release contacts are in the tamper-proof internal area and are controlled with the IP switching actuator or its extensions.

Stage 3: Network security

Updates ensure that the system software for Siedle Access Professional is always up to date. Combined with current components, the network is protected against access attempts.

Stage 4: Data encryption

The data encryption in the Access Professional system always complies with the latest standards. The mechanisms for component authentication ensure maximum security.

IP-based building communication

Siedle Access Professional integrates seamlessly in any IP network and enhances it with the entire range of Siedle system technology, from the voice connection and video to complex switching and control functions. Its power and flexibility make Siedle Access Professional ideal for properties with high requirements.

Siedle Access project with several buildings

The Siedle Vario design line


A multi-talented design icon

Siedle Vario is the epitome of modular door stations. The principle is as brilliant as it is simple. It is based on a design grid in which function modules can be combined as desired. The result is a neatly arranged and functionally tidy door intercom system at all times.

Siedle Vario
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Siedle door communication is incredibly versatile.