Access Professional – more cost-effective with Siedle Vario

Siedle Vario goes IP: We expect to launch the Access camera door loudspeaker for Siedle Vario onto the market in the second quarter of 2024. For the first time, it will be as a combi module with audio and video. And with a new design that is yet to be revealed. The new installation concept enables direct IP connection of door stations – without a controller or additional supply. This means enormous cost savings, especially for buildings with a lot of doors in industry, logistics and commercial sectors. With the new Vario module, planning is now possible; our subsidiaries and distributors in the respective country will be pleased to prepare a quotation


Significant cost savings thanks to new installation concept

The technological innovations of the Siedle Access camera door loudspeaker are designed for cost-effective system creation as well as easier operation and installation.

The combi module that cuts costs

We have combined audio and video in a single module for the first time. This saves money – instead of two modules, just one is enough, the mounting frame is smaller and installation is easier.

No controller, no costs

The Access camera door loudspeaker for Siedle Vario does not need a door loudspeaker controller or a line rectifier (previously ATLC/NG 670-0). It is now supplied via a PoE switch.

Small footprint, big savings

For control of the door release, we now have the IP switching actuator which is supplied via PoE. One horizontal pitch in the control cabinet is sufficient for this – saving space, making installation easier and therefore saving money.

Less effort thanks to direct connection

The new Access camera door loudspeaker has a network connection. It is connected directly to the LAN and the IP system with Siedle Access Professional via its RJ45 socket.

Cost-effective – the new Siedle Vario for Access Professional

Siedle Vario for IP systems with Siedle Access Professional will soon be looking extremely attractive. Especially for larger properties with many access points: in busy logistics centres with several entrances, warehouses and office buildings or for companies with several sites, all their entrances, underground garages, lifts and usage units. What effect will this have in practice? Let's consider three examples.

Logistics centre example

Siedle Access Professional really comes into its own here: savings of 34% are possible in a logistics centre with many door stations at the barrier entrance and the access points to the warehouse and offices.

Price example
Offices example

This saves you 27% compared to the previous installation: The new Access camera door loudspeaker for Siedle Vario is used in all the door stations in this commercial building.

Price example
Apartment building example

The door station in this apartment building consists of the new Siedle Vario combi module, 24 call buttons and an illuminated building number. This delivers cost savings of 19%.

Price example

Guaranteed security in four stages

In addition to the new design and with the pure IP door, Siedle Vario for Access Professional comes with a four-stage security concept.

Siedle Classic pilfer safeguard
Stage 1: Mechanical protection

Our pilfer safeguard controller, which controls a solid lock, protects against mechanical intrusion. A system cannot be opened in a non-destructive manner even with special tools.

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Stage 2: Tamper protection

All the components of the IP door are protected, the door release contacts are in the tamper-proof internal area and are controlled with the IP switching actuator or its extensions.

Stage 3: Network security

Updates ensure that the system software for Siedle Access Professional is always up to date. Combined with current components, the network is protected against access attempts.

Stage 4: Data encryption

The data encryption in the Access Professional system always complies with the latest standards. The mechanisms for component authentication ensure maximum security.

Coming soon: the new face of Siedle Vario


Siedle Vario’s modular system and design have revolutionised the door intercom system. We will soon be taking our most successful design line to the next level – both in terms of design and functionality. For strategic reasons, we can only reveal so much:

  • Modern proportions, clear lines, narrow frames

  • Tested for user-friendliness

  • A cost-effective way to enter the world of IP technology

  • Optimised product line depth