Siedle Access Professional

Siedle Access Professional makes door communication part of the IP world. The system is compatible with the globally uniform network standard. Siedle Access integrates seamlessly in an IP network and enhances it with the entire range of functions of Siedle system technology, from the voice connection and video to complex switching and control functions.


Our experts in the market: Access Certified Partners

IP systems with Siedle Access Professional are not available off the shelf. Each one is custom made to suit the customer’s needs and the technical requirements. For this reason, we have established a network of Access Certified Partners (ACP). Only these partners are authorised to plan, commission and manage Access systems. Their suitability has been verified in audits and certified by Siedle.

Access Professional overview

Siedle Access Anschluss ans IP-Netz

Connection to the IP network

The Siedle Access Professional system is compatible with the global network standard. It uses the structured cabling and the data transfer protocols which form the common basis for numerous applications – from telephony to media control. Access integrates seamlessly in an IP network and enhances it with the entire range of functions of Siedle system technology, from the voice connection, video and intercom to complex switching and control functions.

Siedle Access project with several buildings

Networked technology for projects

Access Professional opens up new opportunities, especially in large and complex buildings with special requirements. Access Professional comes into its own in offices and commercial buildings with different entrance zones or distributed sites, industrial buildings at long distances and with great range, residential complexes with many residential units or buildings with concierge services.

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The clever licence model

Systems with Siedle Access Professional can be extended in small steps at low cost. This pays off on larger projects in particular. The basic licence covers the use of the first ten, with additional licences for each additional ten devices.

New licence type for function modules: This makes it easy to purchase and implement system functions which go beyond the standard scope of the Siedle system.


Variability and individuality

Siedle Access Professional is not restricted to certain products. The IP system provides a wide choice of the three design lines at the door – Vario, Steel and Classic. The variety offered by Siedle indoor call stations is enhanced by virtual in-house telephones, a concierge software, the Siedle app or selected third-party devices.

The complete Siedle design: our door stations
Siedle IP-Innenstationen

IP for residential buildings

Siedle offers specific indoor stations for Access Professional – in a proven design and classic white. Their attractive price makes them of particular interest for large projects. The IP indoor stations offer the basic key functions required for door communication. They are available as audio and video versions and feature one or two universal buttons which can be freely configured.

For Access systems, the Access video panel and the Access in-house telephones can also be used indoors.

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IP-based building communication

Siedle Access Professional - variety for the highest requirements:

Many doors. Many visitors. Many users. Many speech channels.

Application options
Advantages at a glance
Project phases
References with Access Professional

Siedle Access Professional: flexible application options

Siedle Access flexible Einsatzmöglichkeiten

Its power, range and flexibility make Siedle Access Professional ideal for properties with:

  • Many users and large distances

  • High audio and video transmission requirements

  • Spatially separate building sections

  • Concierge or surveillance functions

  • Heterogeneous use; private and commercial mixed use

  • Fundamental requirement for structured cabling and IP technology

  • Need for greater flexibility and expansion option in the user areas

Siedle Access Professional: Advantages at a glance

Siedle Access Professional is a powerful, server-based IP door communication system for large and complex systems with special requirements. It is compatible with globally uniform network standards based on structured building cabling.

Siedle Access sicheres Türkonzept
  • Secure door concept

  • Secure data transfer

  • Device and line monitoring

Siedle Access Einfache Planung
Easy planning
  • Planning according to international network standard

  • PoE supply for indoor call stations

Siedle Access Leistungsfähigkeit
  • Up to 640 users

  • Hardly any range limitations

  • Up to 50 call and video connections simultaneously

Siedle Access Integrationsfähigkeit
Integration capability
  • VoIP telephones

  • Telephone systems

  • Link-up with KNX automation systems

  • Video surveillance

Siedle Access Serverbasiertes System
Serverbased system
  • Central configuration

  • Server system: Hardware or virtualized

  • Individual authorisation system

  • Site networking

Siedle Access Erweiterbarkeit und Updatefähigkeit
Can be extended and upgraded
  • Highly flexible: feature enhancements via licences

  • Updates via central server

Siedle Access Professional: Functions

Siedle Access Professional is an open system in terms of its functionality. Continuous development with system and feature enhancements is a core part of our product philosophy.

Siedle Access Kommunikation
  • Door, internal and storey calls

  • Audio/video privacy device

  • Door call with video

  • Direct door call with video

  • Echo cancellation

  • Active suppression of background noise

Siedle Access Video
  • Central video memory, deactivation possible in accordance with GDPR

  • Digital video decoupling

  • Automatic and selective camera image capture

  • Camera selection via contact list or in video area

  • Camera scan mode

Siedle Access Telefonie
  • Connection of telephone systems

  • Call to public telephone network

  • Hold, brokering

  • Music on hold

  • Call rerouting/call forwarding

  • Status display

Siedle Access Concierge-Funktion
Concierge function
  • Central communication interface

  • everal audio and video connections can be shown simultaneously

  • Convenient call forwarding functions

  • Global contact list

  • Voicemail

Siedle Access Automation
  • Time profiles for system functions such as time-controlled call forwarding or doormatic

  • Support for binary KNX functionsons

  • Advanced switching and control functions

Siedle Access Professional: Project phases

The common network standard makes Siedle Access Professional easy to work with – in all phases of your project.

Siedle Access Einfache Planung
  • Planning according to network standards

  • Flexibility: Can be expanded at a later date

Siedle Access Installation

Installation via structured, application-independent building cabling

Siedle Access Inbetriebnahme

Professional commissioning by Siedle Access Certified Partner

Siedle Access Administration
  • Browser-based administration via Access web interface

  • Central administration of devices and users

Siedle Access Aarhus University Hospital
IP system networked across a hospital

Siedle Access Professional masters the networking of 2,000 doors and indoor stations across the 400,000 square meters of the Aarhus University hospital with confidence.

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Siedle Access Bestseller, Aarhus
Siedle Access with Siedle Steel

Siedle integrates access control and building communication at Bestseller with an IP-based system. The company is also fascinated by the customisation options offered by the Siedle Steel design line.

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Siedle Access Karl Köhler GmbH
Door calls on your telephone

Karl Köhler GmbH has opted for ease and functionality. Siedle Access Professional links the door communication and telephone system into one system.

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Siedle Access Schwarzwald-Baar hospital
Large-scale supply

Those responsible at this large hospital demand technology which integrates into their IT infrastructure. Siedle Access Professional system sets standards and meets their high expectations.

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Siedle Access high-tech in the Bergisches Land
Exemplary networking

Siedle Access Professional has perfectly combined architecture and intelligent home technology in this smart home, which is also a show home for building automation.

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Siedle Access Villa Merkana
Business - not as usual

In this renovated villa, the flexible system technology of Siedle Access Professional serves the two companies based there – discreet in appearance yet highly functional.

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Consistently digital

In this residential building in Cologne, tenants control the key functions in the building with an app. Siedle Access Professional integrates the door communication into the building's IP network.

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Siedle Access Professional in use

Office and commercial

Siedle logistics reference

Industry and logistics

Siedle Melatengürtel Cologne reference

Apartment buildings

Siedle door communication is incredibly versatile.

You can trust in us

Durable and upgradeable

A Siedle system is a safe investment. After all, we develop our systems to last a long time. And when we develop new products, we focus on backwards-compatibility and updateability.

Quality and investment protection

Made in Germany

We are a high-tech company that uses the latest production methods. At the same time, it is our human qualities and traditional skills that give our products their very own character.

Made in Germany

Easy operation

Siedle products offer features which make life easier and safer for their users. We favour clarity over superfluous and frivolous complications.

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