German Innovation Award for Siedle

Siedle honoured for IQ in-house telephone


The German Design Council presented Siedle with the German Innovation Award 2021 for the Siedle IQ in-house telephones. This award acknowledges a sustainable product innovation: the smart IQ telephones can be used to add a mobile door communication function to existing systems. Siedle IQ brings door calls to your smartphone via an app.

"The Siedle IQ in-house telephones make something that previously only worked on new systems available to old ones too," said the jury of their decision. The compatibility with Siedle systems from 1952 onwards "is remarkable in all regards," they continued. In their view, the IQ in-house telephones are "an attractive, elegant option for bringing old door intercom systems technically up to date with little effort."

Mobile door communication for all

Siedle IQ is suitable for intercom systems with 1+n and 6+n systems, millions of which have been installed in the market. IQ makes modernisation easy: the in-house telephone is replaced and connected to the app via the internet router. Once the IQ in-house telephone has been installed, the user can connect their smartphone to it themselves.

The app offers impressive voice transmission and full audio functionality. The user can speak with visitors on the doorstep via their smartphone and open the door via Wi-Fi or the mobile phone network.

Innovation with cutting-edge design

The design of the innovative IQ devices is based on the Siedle in-house telephone, which won multiple international awards. The design continues to impress: the German Design Council recently awarded the Siedle IQ the German Design Award 2021 "Special Mention" in the "Excellent Product Design" category.