Siedle software: updates and information

We provide free software and firmware for commissioning, programming, configuring, and operating our systems. We are continually developing these programs – with adjustments to the system technology, optimisations in regard to user-friendliness, and of course, regular security updates.

You can find the latest information here.

Siedle app 1.7.2: Siedle IQ with image function

The main feature of this latest version 1.7.2 is the snapshot function for the Siedle IQ in-house telephones. In the installation systems 1+n, 6+n and In-Home bus, the Siedle IQ in-house telephone sends a still image of the visitor from a network camera to all mobile devices linked to the door intercom system. 

Add snapshots

An audio indoor station on the wall, a snapshot of your visitor on your smartphone. Thanks to the new version 1.7.2 of the Siedle app, Siedle IQ in-house telephones can integrate external IP cameras.

Siedle IQ
Security and technology update

As part of a regular update, app version 1.7.2 provides security and technical updates. App users will receive a push notification that the new app version is ready to install.

Siedle app
Siedle app icon
The Siedle app is available to download

The Siedle app is free:

Siedle app for Android

Siedle app for Apple iOS

Functions may vary depending on system and version.


Siedle app 7.1: system information via push notification

With version 7.1, the Siedle app is now even more convenient and reliable: Users are now directly informed about maintenance windows, system updates or faults.

Automatically always up to date

Users of the Siedle app receive system notifications as push notifications on their end devices. This function cannot be deactivated for security reasons.

Siedle app icon
The Siedle app for download

The Siedle app is free:

Siedle app for Android

Siedle app for Apple iOS

Functions may vary depending on system and version.


Complete security and smart functions for Smart Gateways

The firmware releases 2.2.0 and 2.3.0 for the Siedle Smart Gateways offer attractive features and are optimised for security, service and functionality – from automatic updates to smart home applications via Siedle app.

Know what the system’s doing

Siedle app users are always up to date: Notifications for system updates, maintenance windows or – if necessary – faults are automatically sent to the end device.

Security guaranteed

Security-relevant software updates are always installed on our Smart Gateways, even if the automatic update function is deactivated.

Automatic updates

With a Siedle Smart Gateway, your IP door communication is always up to date. Future updates can be automatically installed overnight if you wish.

Improved service features

The device logs can be downloaded as a ZIP file, for example for backups. The Smart Gateway software version is displayed in the Siedle app for servicing purposes.

Reusable QR codes

The QR code for commissioning the Siedle app can be generated as an unlimited use version. This gives new tenants, for example, quick access to mobile door communication.

Commissioning via QR code
Smart Home

The Siedle app is the control centre for smaller smart home applications. In the In-Home bus with Smart Gateway, it takes on roles such as opening the garage door.

Siedle app
Detect a storey call

The Siedle app detects whether the front door or apartment door is being rung. This is particularly important in systems which only use mobile end devices for door communication.

Don’t miss any door calls

In systems with a Smart Gateway, a door call can also be signalled with a chime or a light – particularly helpful when only mobile devices are being used as indoor stations.

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