Siedle shortens delivery time for PVD-coated systems

Optimised processes


Siedle supplies systems with PVD coating considerably quicker than before. High-quality systems in the Siedle Classic and Siedle Steel design lines can therefore be implemented more quickly and flexibly.

This has been achieved through optimisation of the procurement process. Siedle buys large-format PVD-coated stainless steel panels. These are cut for the individual systems by Siedle at the Furtwangen site in the Black Forest. Siedle therefore keeps the processing steps in house. The company is also simplifying the pricing for the systems.

What is more, there are also further advantages for customers: There are no longer any restrictions when it comes to the format of the front panels; even door intercom systems with considerable surface areas can be carried out with ease – such as those in large complexes. A homogeneous colour appearance is ensured on multi-part systems, or in the case of retrofitting or modernisation.

Stainless steel is the base material for all system fronts. As standard, Siedle uses the V2A alloy, which offers appropriate corrosion resistance. This solid material is a statement of modern design and gives every façade a striking appearance.

Three colours, two surface textures

Siedle's PVD coatings come in three colours: Copper, brass and black. The brushed or polished look comes from the surface of the stainless steel used. All six versions can be used for the fronts of door intercom systems in the Siedle Classic and Siedle Steel design lines.

This high-quality surface finishing is scratch-resistant, weather-resistant and easy to clean for many years. The elegance of the Siedle systems remains unchanged. Thanks to the environmentally-friendly manufacturing process and their durability, PVD coatings are also sustainable.