Complete access control

New: Siedle Secure


Siedle Secure offers comprehensive access control. At the centre of this lies the new Secure Controller. When it comes to usability and value for money, Siedle is setting standards with this high-performance system control centre, which can be used in commercial and residential buildings.

The Siedle Secure Controller can be commissioned and configured without any specialist knowledge. Thanks to the web-based wizard, the controller is ready for operation in just a few steps. Administration is also web-based. This means there's no costly manufacturer support and, what is more, there are no licence fees for feature enhancements: the controller already includes the complete range of functions of Siedle access control.

One controller, numerous possibilities

The Secure Controller offers the latest security standards and technology, along with almost unlimited capacity for users and access profiles. This makes it attractive for larger commercial and residential projects too. The controller can be used to control and manage all opening, closing and other switching mechanisms, such as the stairwell light, as well as up to 1,000 access profiles and 1,000 time profiles and an almost unlimited number of users.

Two protocols, easy expansion

The Siedle Secure Controller supports 2 transfer protocols simultaneously. As well as the Siedle Vario bus, the controller also works with the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for corresponding third-party modules. Each bus string integrates up to 8 read modules. Up to 4 doors can be controlled per controller. Up to 64 controllers can be directly networked with one another so that further doors can be integrated, including at different buildings. In doing so, Siedle access control is system-independent and autonomous.

Siedle Secure product range

As well as the new Secure Controller, the proven entrance controller for smaller residential units also forms part of Siedle Secure. An RFID transponder with MIFARE DESfire EV2 technology, either as a key fob or in credit card format, is used as the door opener. The readID One reader quickly reads the transponder data and enables convenient user management. The RFID accessory was tested in Siedle's own EMC laboratory and bears the mark "Certified for Siedle Secure". The products range is rounded off with the electronic key reader for Siedle transponders and the Siedle code lock. The function modules are available in the Siedle Vario, Classic, and Steel design lines.

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