Architecture press: Pilfer safeguard for the intercom system

Secure with Siedle


Door intercom systems ensure greater security at the entrance to buildings. But it can be worth protecting these systems as well. Premium brand devices with video cameras or access control systems are a prime target for thieves. The news is full of stories of expensive thefts.

Siedle pilfer safeguard for your intercom system
No chance for thieves: the pilfer safeguard controller from Siedle offers reliable protection for premium door intercom systems in the Vario (shown), Classic and Steel design lines.

Most of these thefts could have been avoided. Siedle recommends securing premium systems with a pilfer safeguard. This is a solid mechanical lock controlled by an electrical signal. The transducer is located inside the building, protecting it from external manipulation. Even experts with special tools have no chance of opening systems protected in this way without destroying them.

The pilfer safeguard controller is available for door stations in the Siedle Vario, Classic and Steel design lines.

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