Comfort in-house telephone
HTC 811-01 E/W

Product Details

Comfort in-house telephone
HTC 811-01 E/W

Comfort in-house telephone for 1+n technology in high-grade plastic.

With the functions calling, speech, door release, light, storey call/switching and control functions and internal communication.
Performance features:
• Door release and light button integrated
• Hearing protection, audio privacy function integrated
• Parallel switching of max. 2 telephones without internal communication
• Electronic call generator with 3-tone call signal for door call, 2-tone call signal for storey call
• Call silencing by means of volume controller (turned completely to the left, lock-in position)
• Door release/light function at any time
• Plug-in spiral cable for simple installation
• Internal communication with max. 6 telephones via GC 612-…
• Call volume accessible from outside
• 2 LEDs for display (e.g. door open) separately wired
• 6 integrated function keys, can be used without additional installation as:
• Call buttons
• To actuate control and switching functions in conjunction with SFC 602-…
• Integrated inscription panel for function keys
• 2 keys for use as potential-free buttons
• Call differentiation for internal calls
• Call tones when connecting: to side circuit installation
Door call: 3-tone call signal (without G connection) or chime (with G connection), storey call: 2-tone call signal
• to GC 612-…, Door call: Chime internal call: 3-tone call signal, storey call: 2-tone call signal
• to ETC 602-… main/side circuit door loudspeaker: 3-tone call signal, storey door loudspeaker: 3-tone chime, storey call: 2-tone call. signal
• Call volume up to max. 83 dB(A)
• Can be used as a table-top unit using table-top accessory ZTC 800-…

Technical Data

Ambient temperature: +5 °C to +40 °C
Dimensions (mm) W x H x D: 106 x 201 x 46

Product information

Product designation Product description Colour/Material CG Article no.
HTC 811-01 E/WComfort in-house telephoneStainlessSteel_whiteC200044636-00



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