Bus licence for external device
BLF 250-0

Product Details

Bus licence for external device
BLF 250-0

Application licence for enabling VoIP telephones on the SG 150-… Smart Gateway. One BLF 250-… application licence can be imported per Smart Gateway. One free BLC 250-0 user licence is additionally required for the integration of a VoIP telephone.
The following conditions apply to the use of an application licence BLF 250-0:
• Ready-to-use Smart Gateway SG 150-… with firmware from V 2.0
• Free user licence (BLC 250-0 bus licence client) for one IP user
The licence is linked to the hardware. If a Smart Gateway fails, Siedle transfers all purchased licences free of charge to an identical substitute device (investment protection).

Product information

Product designation Product description Colour/Material CG Article no.
BLF 250-0Bus licence for external device-S210009283-00