Access licence for telephony connection
ALT 270-0

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Access licence for telephony connection
ALT 270-0

Access application licence “Access licence for telephony connection” for the use of an external connection channel on the Access Professional system.
Planning information:
A separate licence is required per connection channel. The required number of licences (ALT 270-0, APR 670-0 10), the functionality and any required additional components depend on the remote station (TC system) and the conditions on site.
Desired/possible functions and the associated expenses must be clarified on a project-specific basis, once all relevant factors are known.
Before ordering the ALT 270-0, please speak to a Siedle-certified Access Partner (ACP).
Contact details are available at
Third-party devices are subject to authorization by Siedle.
The Access Professional basic licence, the Access Professional software package and additional user licences or optional application licences can be purchased exclusively through an Access Certified Partner.

Product information

Product designation Product description Colour/Material CG Article no.
ALT 270-0Access licence for telephony connection-S200042271-00