Access licence for Siedle app
ALSA 270-0

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Access licence for Siedle app
ALSA 270-0

Access application licence “Access licence for Siedle app” for the operation of a smartphone/tablet with Android/iOS on the Access Professional system.
One licence is required for each device with installed Siedle app. The smartphone/tablet functions as a mobile indoor device with video. The ‘Siedle app’ (black logo) is required for operation. This can be obtained from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store depending on the operating system on your smartphone/tablet.
The Access Professional basic licence, the Access Professional software package and additional user licences or optional application licences can be purchased exclusively through an Access Certified Partner.
Performance features of the Siedle app:
• Audio and video door communication
• Door release function with security prompt (last door)
• Handsfree/discreet
• In-call volume adjustment possible
• Microphone muting
• Switching command for light contact (last door)
• Access to video memory (show, copy or delete images)
• Siedle ringtones
• Direct door dialling from list
System conditions:
• Smartphone/tablet with Android (as of version 8) and iOS (as of version 13.0)
• WLAN or mobile phone network
• Access Professional intercom system (as of version 5.1)
The Siedle app turns a smartphone (iOS, Android) into a mobile extension of a door intercom system from Siedle, via the Siedle server. The app has been specially developed for the requirements of door communication. It receives the door call, shows a live video feed (depending on the system), establishes a speech connection and opens the door. With built-in security and the ultimate in convenience. The video feed is available before the call is accepted. The speech quality fulfils Siedle’s stringent standards, and the door is opened by pressing the familiar key symbol.
The Siedle app is the mobile complement to a door intercom system and does not replace an indoor device. For this reason, Siedle recommends always including a wired indoor station in your system planning alongside the app.
The complete functional scope of the Siedle app is described in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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