Access licence for external tablet
ALFT 270-0

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Access licence for external tablet
ALFT 270-0

Access application licence “Access licence for non-Siedle tablet” for the operation of an iPad on the Access Professional system.The Siedle app for Access is the mobile complement to a door intercom system and does not replace an indoor device. For this reason, Siedle recommends including a wired indoor station in your system planning alongside the app.
For more information, go to |Siedle Website|.
The Siedle app for Access is available in |App Store|.

A separate licence is required per device. The iPad functions as a mobile indoor device with video. An additional app is required for operation. This must be purchased from the Apple App Store.
Performance features of the Siedle app for Access:
• Audio and video door communication
• Door release, light switching
• Secure door release function
• Encrypted switching and control functions
• Handsfree function
• In-call volume adjustment possible
• Microphone muting
• Different ringtones
• Manual door dialling
• Doormatic function on/off
• Call function (server calls iPhone)
• Internal calls with Access system users
• Personal address book (Access) with status display
• Camera surveillance
• Video memory function (automatic/manual)
• Headset support
• Auto login
• Home page with individually collated functions
• Integrated demo mode
• Switch-over between landscape and portrait format for video (iPhone)
• Switch-over between landscape and portrait format for the entire app (iPad)
System conditions:
• iPhone or iPad
• WLAN or mobile phone network
• Access intercom system

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