Door calls on your telephone – with Siedle Access Professional

Karl Köhler GmbH has opted for ease and functionality for its office building and staff facilities. The Siedle Classic design line is used at the doors to enhance the elegant look, while on the inside Siedle Access Professional links IP-based door communication and telephone system, resulting in an impressive system.


First-class function and form.

The requirements: Each aesthetic, each technical detail of the door intercom system has to be right. The concrete constructor regards the striking building as a symbol of its expertise. Employees should be given access to various entrances, while visitors are to be able to directly dial their contact partner.

The Siedle concept: The IP-based system Siedle Access Professional delivers maximum flexibility. It forwards door calls and video images to the computer's virtual in-house telephone at the entrance. The telephone system is connected to Access Professional. The linear approach of the Classic design line and the high-quality stainless steel surfaces match the architectural environment. At the same time, the door stations fulfil the functional requirements.

The components: The Siedle Access Professional IP system, custom-made door stations from the Siedle Classic design line, flush mounted camera, code lock, electronic key reader, pass-through letterbox

Architecture: Wittfoht Architekten, Stuttgart

​​​​​​​Electrical planning: Ingenieurbüro Wolfgang Hauger, Ludwigsburg

Electrical installation: Noz Elektrotechnik, Ludwigsburg

Needs-based networking of IP technology

Ready for integration and variable

As an IP system, Siedle Access Professional offers numerous integration options: connection of the telephone system, concierge functions, video surveillance or needs-based expansion.

Siedle Access Professional
Connection to telephony

Siedle Access Professional is directly linked to the IP infrastructure, such as the telephone system. All PBX extensions are integrated while PCs can be used as virtual in-house telephones.

Siedle Access Professional
Individual, solid, intelligent

The Siedle Classic design line is the perfect match for a prestigious entrance: with its distinctive design, solid metal and intelligent functions – individually combined and inscribed.

Siedle Classic
The entrance as your business card

Engraved with laser technology, the Karl Köhler GmbH logo points the way. Siedle inscribes door intercom systems to suit the design and material, according to the owner's wishes.

Siedle lettering

Siedle Access Professional in detail

Our experts in the market: Access Certified Partners

We have established a special network of partners for Siedle Access Professional: Access Certified Partners. Access Certified Partners (ACP) are authorised to commission Access systems. Their suitability for professionally planning and managing Access has been verified in audits and certified by Siedle.

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