Hospital-wide networking: the IP system from Siedle

The Aarhus University Hospital is the size of a small town. Networking the access control and building communication with 2,000 multi-functional doors and indoor stations, distributed across long distances to numerous buildings and with a total area of 400,000 square meters, is a task of gigantic proportions. A task that the Siedle Access Professional IP system masters with confidence.

Siedle Access security

Adaptable, secure, easy to manage

The requirements: The system for the largest university hospital in Denmark must be able to adapt, day by day, hour by hour. Security is essential: each individual patient, relative, visitor, the numerous orderlies, carers, nurses, administrators, students and doctors must only have access to the areas for which they are authorised. The system needs to be user-friendly and barrier-free.

The Siedle concept: The IP system Siedle Access Professional is ideal for properties with many users, large distances, high level audio and video transmission requirements or spatially separated building sections. The software is modular and adapts to future requirements. Administration is carried out centrally on an intuitive user interface. The function modules of the door stations meet the hospital's communication needs, while the smooth surfaces of the Siedle Vario design line fulfil hygiene requirements.

The components: The IP-based Siedle Access Professional system, Access server, several thousand door stations from the modular Siedle Vario design line with audio and video function, call buttons, code lock, and status display – for barrier-free access

Architecture: C.F. Møller Danmark A/S, in conjunction with Cubo Arkitekter A/S, Aarhus, Denmark

Electrical planning: El:Con Århus A/S, Aarhus, Denmark


Also a healthcare system: Siedle Access Professional

A part of the IP world

Siedle Access Professional integrates the entire range of functions of Siedle system technology into every IP network: from the speech connection to video and complex switching and control functions.

Siedle Access Professional
Siedle Access administration
Fully central administration

The system is commissioned by a Siedle Access Certified Partner. Administration is browser-based; devices and users are managed centrally – even across several buildings.

Siedle Access Professional
Scalable to any size

Siedle Access Professional can be scaled for all sizes. Systems can be extended as desired – in a tailored manner and at an attractive price thanks to our clever licence model.

Siedle Access Professional
Access guaranteed

High security requirements: The Siedle systems integrate video cameras, loudspeakers, call buttons, status displays and the access control system from a specialist provider.

Siedle Access Professional
EMC lab
Barrier-free design as standard

Barrier-free construction is not just about wheelchair ramps and wide doors. The Siedle door loudspeaker Plus, for example, ensures better communication with increased sound pressure.

Barrier-free design at Siedle
Siedle status display barrier-free design
Clear signals at the entrance

The status display is based on the "two senses" principle. It indicates the function that is active both acoustically and visually. In this way, the intercom system provides people who are hard of hearing, for example, with clear feedback.

Siedle status display
Modular: the Vario principle

The Siedle Vario design line is modular; it works with any specification or design requirement. A dummy module keeps space free for later upgrades.

Siedle Vario
Siedle Vario surface mounting
Day-to-day hygiene in the hospital

The smooth surface of the Vario modules is robust and very easy to clean – a must in hospitals where many people come and go and hygiene is essential.

Siedle Vario

Siedle Access Professional in detail

“This IP system is like a living being: it can continually change.“

Per Thomsen, Managing Director, Siedle Nordic


Our experts in the market: Access Certified Partners

We have established a special network of partners for Siedle Access Professional: Access Certified Partners. Access Certified Partners (ACP) are authorised to commission Access systems. Their suitability for professionally planning and managing Access has been verified in audits and certified by Siedle.

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