Business - not as usual. With Siedle Access Professional.

The extensive renovation of this villa is testament to the uncompromising care in the choice of materials, love of detail and great respect for the cultural heritage of the building. Behind the scenes, the flexible system technology of Siedle Access Professional serves the two companies based there – discreet in appearance and highly functional.


High-tech meets style

The requirements: Two companies under one roof, with a shared reception – this calls for business-like variability and intuitive operation of the communication and building technology. Furthermore, the character of this historical building must be preserved.

The Siedle concept: The Siedle Access Professional IP system with the concierge software offers maximum flexibility for brokering all calls, managing users and controlling individual switching processes. Lean technology inside, mobile door communication via the Siedle app, a door intercom system with engraving filled in black and a letterbox complete the harmonious overall look.

The components: The Siedle Access Professional system, concierge software; custom-made video door stations from the Siedle Steel design line, call buttons, code lock and large-volume letterbox with front removal, Comfort in-house telephone with audio and video function, Siedle app for connecting digital end devices.

Electrical planning: Merkana IT-Service GmbH, Remscheid

Electrical installation: Merkana IT-Service GmbH, Remscheid

Good for business: Siedle Access Professional

More security for large properties

When it comes to business premises with complex requirements and stringent security needs, the Siedle Access Professional IP system comes into its own.

Siedle Access Professional
The concierge on the desktop

Our concierge Access software forms the interface at the reception. It enables telephony, indicates several connections simultaneously or the doormatic status of the doors.

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A reception desk in your pocket

The Siedle app turns your smartphone into a video intercom. It is always available, receives door calls and video images, establishes a speech connection and opens the door.

Siedle app
Discreet and functional

A flush mounted iPad is discreetly integrated into the atmosphere of the room and can be used as a door station. Our Service team provides information on usage and installation options.

Siedle Services
Individual right down to the details

Every door intercom system in the Siedle Steel design line is unique. From the arrangement of the functions right down to the smallest detail. Call buttons for instance can be lasered or engraved.

Siedle Steel
Stylish letterbox included

At Siedle, the letterbox system is part of the concept. We combine it with the door communication system – with a cohesive design, consistent quality and a needs-based approach throughout.

Siedle letterboxes

Siedle Access Professional in detail

Our experts in the market: Access Certified Partners

We have established a special network of partners for Siedle Access Professional: Access Certified Partners. Access Certified Partners (ACP) are authorised to commission Access systems. Their suitability for professionally planning and managing Access has been verified in audits and certified by Siedle.

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