Villa Oeding

Location: Berlin

Architecture: Dipl. Ing. Andreas Wosnik, Berlin

​​​​​​​Electrical planning and installation: Reich & Haun, Berlin

A gem with an eventful past: This house was constructed in 1894. In 1922/23, the owner, privy court councillor Wilhelm Oeding, had it rebuilt in a historical style. In 1988, the building was added to the state's monument register; despite this it was in a wretched condition when the current owner bought it.

Siedle Villa Oeding reference, outside area with Siedle Steel door intercom system outside

Communication system in the Siedle Steel design line

Villa Oeding has been restored to its former glory after extensive restoration work. A communication system in the Siedle Steel design line with surface area light, video surveillance and letterbox serves as an interface to the outside world.

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