Architecture: Architekten Untermann & Partner, Überlingen

​​​​​​​Electrical planning: Rösner Haustechnik, Ihringen

Electrical installation: Elektrotechnik Maurer, Emmendingen

sumptuous villa

This sumptuous villa is the culmination of a complete renovation process which involved updating the entire electrical system in line with the state of the art.

The approach from the garden gate up the steps to the entrance demonstrates the scope for cohesive design of the complete outdoor installation. An EIB installation operated using a touchscreen controls everything from roller blinds to awnings, the heating system and the indoor and outdoor lighting.

Siedle Steel door station in brushed stainless steel

This project exemplifies the enormous degree of integration and convenience which can be achieved by careful comprehensive advance planning.

Siedle Steel letterbox

Letterbox, door stations, bollard and wall lights all exude the elegant appeal of Siedle Steel – and are fully integrated into the building's system technology.

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