From doorbell to intercom. Even with video.

A complete set replaces the old bell system in no time at all. Even video can often be easily retrofitted. The simple surface mounting of our sets makes masonry work superfluous: screw it on, connect it, done.


From doorbell to intercom – an overview

Siedle IQ-Haustelefon Austausch

Smart upgrading with Siedle IQ

Siedle IQ connects existing systems (from 1952 onwards) to the digital future. Simply exchange your existing in-house telephone for an IQ in-house telephone, which works just like a conventional device. Paired with the Siedle app, it also connects the door intercom system with mobile end devices.

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Minimal effort. Maximum effect.

There’s just one thing you need for quick modernisation: A doorbell with sufficient wires for a new complete set. This consists of door station, indoor call station and mains supply, all ready-to-mount. There’s little installation work involved and the surface mounting is soon done. An electrician will clarify the requirements on site, calculate the work involved and submit a binding offer.

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Cost-effective renovation with Siedle audio sets

The Siedle audio sets are the low-cost gateway to the world of Siedle. They offer excellent value for money and are ideal for straightforward modernisation of a doorbell system – by extending the speech function for example. Also available for apartment buildings.

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Siedle Video-Set Compact Türsprechanlage

Upgrade: Siedle Video sets

The mere presence of a camera is often enough to ward off unwanted visitors. It’s quick, easy and cost-effective to turn an old doorbell into a video system –with the Siedle video sets in a multi-award–winning design. An electrician will clarify the requirements on site, calculate the work involved and submit a binding offer.

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Go mobile with the Siedle app

All the advantages of a Siedle door intercom system at home plus all the benefits of mobile door communication at your fingertips: Our smart sets don’t have an indoor station, but they do have a Smart Gateway. Paired with the Siedle app, users can open doors with their smartphones. The Smart Gateway surface mounting starter sets are ideal for modernisation – as the external wall doesn’t need to be opened up.

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Siedle door communication is incredibly versatile.

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Durable and retrofittable

A Siedle system is a safe investment. Because we develop our systems for a long service life. And when developing new products, we attach great importance to backward compatibility and update capability.

Quality and sustainability

Simple. Secure.

Siedle products provide functions that make the lives of the people using them simpler and more secure. We avoid excessive and fussy complication in favour of greater clarity.

Technology for people

Made in Germany

We are a high-tech company that uses the latest production methods. It’s also traditional human qualities and skills that give our products their very own character.

Made in Germany