Status display

Indispensable for barrier-free access: the status display. This also provides the hearing-impaired with clear feedback from the intercom.


The status display from Siedle at a glance

Siedle Vario with status display barrier-free access

Constructional and functional hurdles

Barrier-free construction is about far more than installing wheelchair ramps and widening doors. For example, the hearing impaired also have functional hurdles to overcome in buildings. This is why a visual signal and a tangible vibration must signal the release of a door, which must be opened by hand.

Siedle Classic with status display barrier-free access

Easy integration

The Siedle status display is available for the installation systems In-Home bus and Access. It can be integrated into the Siedle Vario, Classic and Steel design lines. 

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Siedle Vario free-standing with status display for barrier-free access


The status display fulfils currently relevant statutory requirements for disabled people and equality legislation as well as "barrier-free construction" standards in respect of visual signalling at the door.

Mode of operation

The status display conforms to the “Two-senses principle”. It signals both visually and acoustically which function is currently active. In this way, the deaf and hearing impaired also receive clear feedback from the intercom system.

Siedle status display barrier-free access ringing
The bell button has been operated, it rings: The status display confirms the door call through a visual signal.
Siedle status display barrier-free access speaking
The mouth symbol signals: Now the person may speak
Siedle status display barrier-free access opening
The door release is activated: The door may be opened.
Siedle status display barrier-free access absent

The fourth symbol signals that: A connection cannot currently be established.

Standardised reliability

The standards define which technical requirements must be fulfilled for buildings and structures to be considered barrier-free. They require door release and intercom systems to be incorporated into the barrier-free design. The status display currently meets the following standards:

  • DIN 18040 “Barrier-free construction” (DE)

  • ÖNORM B 1600:2012 “Barrier-free construction” (AT), mounting of the status display at a height of 85 to 100 cm

  • SIA standard 500 “Barrier-free buildings” (CH), mounting of the status display at a maximum height of 160 cm

  • Laws concerning the disabled in France, mounting of the status display at a height of 90 to 130 cm

The option for individual positioning of the functional modules also meets the different requirements in terms of the mounting height.


Siedle Vario with status display barrier-free access

Reference: The Includio hotel project

Siedle Vario with status display barrier-free access
Inclusion hotel in Regensburg

The Hotel Includio will be Regensburg's first inclusion hotel. Siedle supports the Johanniter project with barrier-free door communication. After completion, many technical aids will support accessibility. At the entrances, intercom systems with status displays from Siedle are an important part of barrier-free access.

Siedle status display barrier-free access
Barrier-free access

The status display acknowledges the door call through a visual signal. In this way, hearing impaired people can be sure that it is actually ringing. As soon as the person accepts the call, a further symbol signals: Now the person may speak. A third symbol indicates that the door release is being activated, a fourth indicates if no connection can be established.

Siedle barrier-free access hotel Includio Regensburg
Holistic inclusion

Includio will bring people with and without disabilities together as guests and employees. All rooms are designed to be barrier-free and suitable for people with visual and hearing impairments; many jobs will be available to people with disabilities. The visualizations show what the hotel will look like after completion in 2021.

Siedle door communication is incredibly versatile.

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