Access control with Siedle - networked security

Siedle Secure is our access control product range. It ensures secure, keyless access using transponders or code locks. Thanks to Siedle Secure, access control systems are easy to scale as desired, install and manage.


Electronic access control explained simply

Versatile, flexible and convenient – Siedle Secure.

Siedle Secure: systematic access control

Siedle Access Control design lines

Access control across the board

The entrance access control functions – the code lock, electronic key reader and the fingerprint reader – are available for our Vario, Classic, and Steel design lines.

Siedle Secure Controller wizard

Commissioning made easy

Commission an access control system in just a few steps: The Siedle Secure Controller web-based wizard guides the installer safely and easily through the installation. Even for larger systems.

Our Quick Guide also shows the most important steps for adding users and ID.

Siedle Secure convenient user management

Conveniently manage users

User management can't get much easier than this. The Siedle Secure Controller is managed via a web-based interface; the ReadID One reader quickly reads data from transponders and transmits it directly to the system. Or to any common word processing program.


Cost-effective extension with our Secure Extension

Siedle Secure Extension extends the Siedle Secure Controller by four switching contacts – for controlling doors or other functions, making it easy, flexible and cost-effective to extend your access control systems.

Siedle Secure: Two lines. Two protocols.

Two lines. Two protocols.

The Siedle Secure Controller has two bus lines, which means that two transfer protocols can be used – the Siedle Vario bus and the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP).

Siedle Access control Electronic Key Card

Highly secure

All Siedle transponders support MIFARE DESfire EV2 technology, which is currently the highest security standard for electronic ID.

Siedle Access Control design lines

Access control across the board

The entrance access control functions – the code lock, electronic key reader and the fingerprint reader – are available for our Vario, Classic, and Steel design lines.

Siedle Secure Controller wizard

Commissioning made easy

Commission an access control system in just a few steps: The Siedle Secure Controller web-based wizard guides the installer safely and easily through the installation. Even for larger systems.

Our Quick Guide also shows the most important steps for adding users and ID.

Siedle Secure overview

Siedle Secure Controller

The Siedle Secure Controller

Access control for everyone: When it comes to user friendliness and value for money, the Siedle Secure Controller sets standards. No specialist knowledge is required for commissioning and administration is web-based, so there's no need for costly manufacturer support. The Secure Controller can run the two transfer protocols Siedle Vario bus and Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP).

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Siedle access control electronic key

Electronic key reader

Quick and easy: to open the door, all you have to do is hold a Siedle transponder near the reading field. If it is lost, it is sufficient to delete the code. Siedle Secure works with passive transponder technology: the transponders do their job in a functionally reliable, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly way without a battery.

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Siedle access control code lock

Code lock

The code lock is one of the most versatile entrance systems. Access is granted by means of a number combination that also performs switching functions, selects specific speaker systems in the house and even establishes connections with the telephone network. The code lock is available for the Siedle Steel, Classic and Vario series in the corresponding material and design.

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Expand access control intelligently

Siedle Secure Extension

Perfectly tailored to suit: our Secure Extension

The Siedle Secure Extension is designed for use wherever more than four switching contacts are needed. Combined with the Siedle Secure Controller, this attractively-priced extension opens up numerous possibilities for tailoring access control to the number of connected entrances and the required functions. Especially in apartment buildings, commercial buildings, and mixed-use buildings.

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Siedle USB-Reader readID One

Fast reader: USB reader readID One

Connected to a computer in Plug+Play mode, the readID One USB reader reads transponder data in a matter of seconds. This data is compatible with all common word processing programs and operating systems. This saves time when managing users, access profiles and RFID devices. This is particularly helpful in buildings that many people have access to.

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Open to the best solution: connecting components

Siedle Secure is as varied as the requirements of the building in which it is installed and as individual as the owner's wishes. A range of features and systems – including from other manufacturers – can be connected via its API interface or the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP).

Service from the cloud

Networked with the cloud, a Siedle access control system offers convenient service features, such as booking of guest apartments or meeting rooms.

Smart locks. Smart access.

Smart locks are read devices and door openers in one. Integrated in Siedle Secure, they are ideal for transition points in buildings – such as storey doors or access points to underground garages.

Combine an RFID and keypad

If different access mechanisms are to be offered, combi devices made up of electronic key readers and code locks are useful. This is connected to Siedle Secure via the API interface.

Service throughout all project phases

Our specialists for Siedle Secure are here for you when you need us: during project planning, system design, installation and maintenance or expansion.

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Certified for Siedle


Strict standards for the highest quality

We don't develop all devices ourselves. Sometimes we work with specialists who have extraordinary expertise in the relevant area - such as with the readID One transponder reader. We do not give up control of the proverbial Siedle quality. We also put every external device through its paces in uncompromising tests.

Only when it meets our strict standards for functional safety, resilience and durability does it receive the title Certified for Siedle.

The Certified for Siedle certification process
Secure Controller
Secure Extension
Readers at the entrance
readID One
Stand-alone: fingerprint reader

Details about the Secure Controller

Commissioning without risk

The wizard guides installers safely and easily through the installation of the Siedle access control system. The Quick Guide also shows how to add users and ID.

Secure Controller Quick Guide
Siedle Access Administration
Web-based user management

User and access profile administration is web-based – via an intuitive interface – which is handy for property management or the HR department.

Siedle Secure Controller transfer protocols
Use two protocols

Two independent lines permit parallel use of two transfer protocols – Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) or Siedle Vario bus.

Siedle Secure Controller lots of profiles and users
Lots of profiles and users

Time periods for opening specific doors or for switching functions for any number of users can be created in the 1.000 programs for doors and 1.000 programs for users.

Siedle Secure Controller powerful technology
Powerful technology

The Secure Controller operates up to eight modules – Siedle code locks or electronic key readers – on each of its two bus lines, i.e. 16 in total. It controls up to four doors.

Siedle Secure Controller networking without a server
Networking without a server

To control more than four doors, several Secure Controllers are networked directly with one another – without the need for intermediary Siedle devices.

Siedle Access Automation

The Secure Controller is system-independent. It can be used in In-Home bus systems and in our Siedle Access Professional IP system.

Siedle Secure one price
One price. No licence fees.

All inclusive: There are no licence fees for extending the Secure Controller's scope of functions and user database. This makes calculations easier and there are no unforeseen costs.

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Siedle Secure Extension

Open doors, control functions

Equipped with eight inputs and four outputs, Secure Extension opens doors and controls other functions. For example, an elevator and the release of floor access or the lighting.

Well combined

Up to two Secure Extensions can be combined with a Secure Controller to control additional doors. Up to four Secure Extensions are possible for switching other functions.

Well installed, well taken care of

For installation in the control cabinet, Siedle Secure Extension requires six module widths and standard cables. Power can be supplied via the Secure Controller.

Tested and found to be better

We tested Siedle Secure Extension according to our strict specifications in our EMC laboratory . Functional reliability, resilience and durability exceed the usual market standards.

Product data Siedle Secure Extension


Siedle Zutrittskontrolle Codeschloss Schalten
Multitasking with code lock

Our code lock opens doors, switches on the light or unlocks the mailbox. Together with a list of participants in the info module, the code lock also works as a call system.

Siedle Secure Datenerfassung USB-Reader
Convenient with electronic key reader

Fast, easy, secure: To open a door, a Siedle transponder is held up to the Siedle electronic key reader. If lost, the participant is quickly removed from the system.

Siedle Vario flächenbündig
Siedle Secure for every style

Access control from Siedle fulfills almost every design wish: Our readers for the entrance are available in the characteristic appearance of the Siedle Classic , Steel and Vario design lines.

Siedle Diebstahlschutz-Controller
Pilfer safeguard

Electronic key readers and code locks can be protected with the Siedle anti-theft controller. Even with special tools, the system cannot be opened without destroying it.

Product data
Siedle access control code lock

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Siedle access control electronic key card

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Easy transponder detection: readID One

Siedle Secure USB-Reader Plug&Play
Ready for use

Once connected to a standard computer in Plug+Play mode, the readID One is ready for use.

Siedle Secure Data detection USB-Reader
Effortless detection

As soon as a Siedle transponder is held over the read area, the readID One captures the required data and transmits it in CSV or Excel, for example.

Siedle Secure Mifare Desfire V2
Highest security standard

The system works with the MIFARE DESfire V2 technology, which is currently considered the most secure radio identification method.

Segment commercial buildings
For large projects

The readID One is particularly useful in locations where a lot of people have access and many users need to be managed. Such as commercial buildings and residential properties.

Operating systems
For all operating systems

The readID One is compatible with Microsoft, Linux and Apple operating systems. There are no specific system requirements.

Certified for Siedle Secure
Certified for Siedle Secure

We didn't develop the readID One ourselves. But put through its paces. It meets our strict standards and is therefore Certified for Siedle Secure.


Siedle ReadID One USB reader

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The Siedle transponders

Siedle access control electronic key card
Key formats

The Siedle electronic key is available as a card or key fob. Both formats operate passively and require no batteries. They are maintenance-free, low-cost and environmentally friendly.

Siedle Secure Mifare Desfire V2
Highest security standard

The Siedle transponders support MIFARE DESfire V2, which is currently the most secure technology for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

Siedle Secure Transponder
Suitable for all needs

Our transponders come in sets of three or ten, so that they cover the majority of needs perfectly and unnecessary costs are avoided.

Siedle access control electronic key card

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What makes the Siedle fingerprint scanner so special?

Siedle Capacitative line sensor
Capacitative line sensor

The capacitive line sensor is much more precise than thermal sensors, and can detect the fine distinct features of a fingerprint. The sensor also works reliably if the user’s finger is dirty or wet.

Siedle data protection
Data protection

Data is protected in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is not possible to reconstruct the fingerprint from the scanned features.


Siedle Vario
Integration in Siedle Vario

In the Vario system, the fingerprint reader is a functional module that can be freely positioned within the system.

Siedle Steel und Classic
Integration into Steel and Classic

The fingerprint module is part of the installation level in the Steel and Classic systems. The reader protrudes from a recess in the front of the control panel.

Siedle pilfer safeguard controller
Pilfer safeguard

Siedle recommends integrating a pilfer safeguard to protect the premium function module against theft. This features an electronically controlled solid mechanical lock.

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Siedle Fingerprint

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Even more about the Siedle Secure
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Siedle door communication is incredibly versatile.