Simply cost-effective: the bus standard line rectifier

Easy planning, cost-effective supply. This is the slogan for our bus standard line rectifier. Whether it’s an audio or video door intercom system, a detached house or smaller residential unit: You only need this one line rectifier to supply up to ten bus users or eight residential units. It requires next to no planning and the price is extremely affordable.


The bus standard line rectifier at a glance

Siedle video camera

Add a video function with ease

If you need to add the video function to an audio system, the bus standard line rectifier is the first choice. If it's already installed, no other line rectifier is needed to operate the camera. If you have an existing system with Siedle Vario, only the camera module needs to be installed. In other systems, the attractively-priced bus standard line rectifier replaces the existing audio line rectifier and supplies all bus users.

Siedle cameras
Siedle Secure easy user management

Next to no planning effort required

One for all: The bus standard line rectifier supplies all door intercom systems with a door station and up to eight residential units or indoor stations. Planning and installation require little effort. You don't even have to take into account the distinction between audio and video systems.

Product details
Space-saving wonder

Not only does the bus standard line rectifier save money, it also saves space. In the case of video systems, an additional transformer is not needed and it takes up just nine horizontal pitches in the control cabinet.

Product details
Siedle Secure Plug+Play USB reader
Commissioning with Plug+Play

For systems with very few users, commissioning is quickest with Plug+Play: Activate programming mode on the line rectifier, attach the upper part of the housing for the indoor stations, and you’re done!

Plug+Play tutorial
Siedle simple commissioning
Programming made easy

In the In-Home bus, systems can also be programmed with our software. Or manually using the programming mode on the line rectifier and the buttons on the door and indoor stations.

Manual programming tutorial
Line rectifiers for larger systems

Other audio and video line rectifiers are available for supplying larger systems with more than ten bus users or more than eight residential units.

Other line rectifiers

Entry-level packages: complete door intercom systems


Video door communication for a set price

Entering the world of Siedle doesn’t get much more cost-effective than this: The Siedle Basic video sets for one or two residential units contain the Siedle Compact video door station, the Siedle Basic video indoor station and the set line rectifier. 

Siedle Basic video sets

Siedle door communication is incredibly versatile.

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