Small, effective, functional: Siedle Basic

Siedle Basic is the affordable, easy way to gain access to the typical ‘made in Furtwangen’ quality: Compactly designed, with just two buttons for all the necessary functions, Siedle Basic gets to the heart of contemporary building communication in terms of form and function.


Reduced to every detail

Siedle Basic Audio Video Design Awards

Design: multiple award winner

And the winner is … Siedle Basic. The design is unobtrusive, yet distinct and it emphasises the quality of the product.

Abundantly clear

Simple, secure and intuitive use: Vision, listening, speech, door release. Siedle Basic is clearly geared toward door communication.

Listening and vision

The transmission quality of the Basic audio station is the best of all handsfree stations; the image quality of the Video station is on a par with that of the more expensive models.

Siedle Basic Audio Video Design Awards

Design: multiple award winner

And the winner is … Siedle Basic. The design is unobtrusive, yet distinct and it emphasises the quality of the product.

Abundantly clear

Simple, secure and intuitive use: Vision, listening, speech, door release. Siedle Basic is clearly geared toward door communication.

Quality without compromise

Outstanding door communication: Siedle Basic with video

Siedle Basic overview

Siedle Basic Video

Siedle Basic Video

The Siedle Basic video indoor station: Clear lines, clear functions and a clear, razor sharp image on the 3.5-inch screen. When it comes to door communication systems, it doesn’t get more attractive, convenient or secure than this.

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Siedle Basic Audio

Siedle Basic Audio

A multiple award winner, the Siedle Basic audio indoor station offers more than just a succinct design. It enables communication in its purest form – as a natural conversation. No receiver, no cables, just high quality sound.

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Video-Set Siedle Basic

Video set with Siedle Basic

The price of the indoor station in the Siedle Basic video set is as modest as the design: Combined with the door station from the Compact design line, it cuts a fine figure in every way.

More about the Siedle Basic video sets
Audio-Set Siedle Basic

Audio sets with Siedle Basic

Siedle Basic audio sets are available with the door stations from the Compact, Vario and Classic design lines. Modest is the word that best describes both the award-winning design of the indoor station and the price of the set too.

More about the Siedle Basic audio sets
Sets with Siedle Basic
Ring tone and volume
Easy mounting

What can Siedle Basic do?

Siedle Basic Audio Video
Audio and video

Siedle Basic is available as an audio and a video version. The image and sound quality rank among the best in its class – even though it is compact in size.

Siedle Basic Video Bildschirmeinstellung
Screen settings

The TFT colour display of the video indoor station measures an impressive 8.8 cm (diagonal). Colour and brightness can be set in seven increments using two buttons.

Siedle Basic Audio Video Gesprächstaste
Call button

The most important button is also the largest. The mouth symbol indicates what it is for– accepting calls. Pressing it twice activates the mute function, but it can also be manually programmed.

Siedle Basic Audio Video Türöffner
Door release

The unambiguous door release icon and its positioning away from the call button prevent users from pressing the wrong button by mistake. It can be programmed with light or other functions for when it is pressed twice.

Siedle Basic Audio Video Status-LED
Status LED

The LED sits perfectly in the dot grid and lights up yellow when there is an incoming call or red when mute is activated.

Siedle Basic Audio Video Mikrofon

Small, effective, invisible: The high-quality components in the carefully positioned microphone ensure an acoustic quality that sets standards.

Siedle Basic Audio Video Lautsprecher

It’s no surprise that Siedle Basic has no receiver. The sound quality of the loudspeaker ranks among the best on the market.

Siedle Basic Audio

To the product Siedle Basic audio
To the product Siedle Basic video

What does Siedle Basic offer in terms of design?

Siedle Basic Audio Design Awards
Award-winning product

Siedle Basic has received two renowned awards for the design quality of pioneering products: the German Design Award and the international iF Design Award.

Siedle Basic Audio
Ergonomics through design

The appearance of Siedle Basic is committed to ergonomics. The reduction of the functional elements and the precision of the details enable intuitive operation.

Siedle Basic Audio Lautsprecher
Fascination of the details

Graduated hole depths create an aura around the speaker opening. Slanted side surfaces convey lightness. And the clear white corresponds with the clear contours.

Siedle Basic Audio Seitenansicht Detail
Virtuoso quality

The perfect interplay of design, construction and high-quality components creates a product quality that is second to none.

Siedle Basic Video Ergonomie
Error-free operation

The restriction to two buttons and the clear symbols avoid operating errors and increase security.

Siedle Basic Audio

To the product Siedle Basic audio
Siedle Basic Video

To the product Siedle Basic video

What makes Siedle Basic so easy to use?

Siedle Basic Audio Video Mikrofon
The microphone - perfectly positioned

The placement, design and engineering of the Siedle Basic microphone ensures the very best reception.

Siedle Basic Audio Video Status-LED
The status LED - in the know

Straight to the point, with no diffuse edges of light, the Siedle Basic LED indicates the status of the door intercom system: yellow for a door call, red for mute.

Siedle Basic Audio Video Gesprächstaste
The call button – big is best

The size, icon, clear pressure point and the audible and visual feedback from the call button all ensure correct use.

Siedle Basic Audio Video Lautsprecher
The grid – a clear distinction

The Siedle Basic grid of holes makes the buttons stand out. This helps prevent users from pressing the wrong button, thereby ensuring security and privacy.

Siedle Basic Audio Video Symbolik
The icons – for better understanding

The Siedle Basic icons bring clarity – which contributes towards security, as it prevents users from mixing up or accidentally pressing the wrong button.

Siedle Basic Audio

To the product Siedle Basic audio
Siedle Basic Video

To the product Siedle Basic video

Simple, low-cost packages: Sets with Siedle Basic

The very best workmanship, an award-winning design and an incredibly affordable price – you can have them all. The Siedle Basic audio and video sets are the quick, easy and cost-effective way to enter the world of Siedle door communication.

Audio-Set Siedle Basic

The Siedle Basic audio sets consist of the Siedle Basic indoor station and the Siedle Compact audio door station with stainless steel front. They are available for one, two, three or four residential units.

Siedle Basic audio sets - this way
Siedle Basic video set

A classy design on the inside, stainless steel on the outside: These sets combine a Siedle Basic video indoor station with a Siedle Compact video door station.

Siedle Basic video set – find out more
Audio-Set Siedle Vario

Siedle Vario’s modular system keeps the door open for any later extensions. The audio sets contain a door station from this design line and up to four Siedle Basic indoor stations.

Siedle Vario audio sets – see them here
Audio-Set Siedle Classic

These sets combine our characteristic shape with solid metal and intelligent functions: Siedle Classic with stainless steel front at the door and Siedle Basic in the home.

Siedle Classic audio sets - view an overview

Setting the ring tone and volume

It takes less than a minute and just a few steps to change the volume or ring tone on the Siedle Basic.

Siedle Basic Audio Montage
1. Step: Pre-assembly

Attach the base plate, wire the cable, flush mounted sockets up to a 70 mm diameter are covered, the upper part with the electronics remains protected.

Siedle Basic Audio Montage
2. Step: Final assembly

Simply snap the upper part on without any tools; the electrical contact is established automatically. This action can also be carried out by untrained workers.

Siedle Basic Audio Montage
3. Step: Commissioning

Thanks to the Plug+Play technology, the door intercom system with Siedle Basic is ready for operation in just a few minutes.

It’s this easy
Siedle Basic Audio Montage
An expert’s opinion

“Siedle Basic really is up on the wall in a jiffy. It’s great that there’s just one component and I don’t have to think about a frame or anything else.” (Martin Müller; Billharz Energiesysteme GmbH, Gutach)

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