Easier bus door loudspeaker programming

Installed behind individual facade elements, in letterbox systems or as standard in door stations in the Siedle Classic design line: Our bus door loudspeakers deliver outstanding sound at the front door. Just one button is needed for programming: Either on the housing itself or now there's also the practical option of using the call button from outside.


Activate programming with the call button


We have optimised the programming of the bus custom-fit door loudspeaker (BTLE 050-05) and the bus door loudspeaker in the Classic design line (CBTLE 050-05):

The corresponding mode can now be activated with the first connected call button. This option is particularly practical when the door loudspeaker cannot be accessed. For example, when a new system has already been connected or changes are being made to existing systems. As there is no complex disassembly work, this significantly reduces the time required.

The programming mode can also be activated using the programming button on the housing. For example, when a system is being installed for the first time and the components are freely accessible.

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Practical. Loud. Strong.

The Siedle bus custom-fit door loudspeaker and the bus door loudspeaker for Siedle Classic in detail

Excellent audio and speech

Good reception is a two-way street: both the loudspeaker and the microphone are high quality and robust. The voice volume can be adjusted to suit any requirement and situation.

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Systematic loudspeaker

All bus door loudspeakers from Siedle are prepared for every requirement. The door release is controlled directly via the bus, there is no additional wiring. The camera control is integrated.

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Universal fixing

Thanks to cleverly arranged tabs, the bus custom-fit door loudspeaker can be secured in any letterbox systems or behind individual facade elements.

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Siedle Classic video
Programming function with Classic

The first connected call button now also activates the programming mode on the bus door loudspeakers for the door stations in the Siedle Classic design line.

Siedle Classic
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More installation options

Louder: door loudspeaker Plus

For people who are hard of hearing or for noisy environments: The door loudspeaker Plus doubles the sound pressure; speech retains its natural sound and has a clear and strong presence.

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Complete: Video installation kits

Our video installation kits are available for up to 8 or 29 residential units respectively: they contain the door loudspeaker, a call button matrix, a camera optimised for installation and the supply units.

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Up to 160 call buttons

Up to twelve call buttons are directly connected to a bus call button matrix. Up to 160 call buttons can be added by connecting to additional matrices and the corresponding line rectifiers.

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Quality on the inside

No matter what requirements or ideas building owners have, our products for installation bring Siedle quality to letterbox systems, behind door elements or individual facade structures.

All Siedle products for installation