Frequently asked questions about the Siedle IQ

Commissioning and functions

In the case of the Siedle IQ in-house telephone for the 1+n system (Siedle IQ HTS), the QR code is on the device (under the receiver). This is reused for each log on. A copy of the QR code can be found inside the device.

The Wi-Fi connection has failed.

Make sure that the IQ HTS is within the range of the network.

Check whether you can connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi. Log into the same Wi-Fi that the IQ HTS is connected to with a mobile end device and use a browser of your choice to check whether there is an Internet connection.

The connection to the Siedle server has failed.

You can find further information about troubleshooting under "Commissioning fails (no connection to the Siedle server)"

Wait a few minutes; the Siedle server may be temporarily unavailable due to an update. Updates are generally carried out by Siedle in the early morning or evening and can lead to limited accessibility for a few minutes.

Linking the Siedle IQ and the Siedle app

A Bluetooth connection is required to link to the Siedle app with the IQ HTS. If problems arise, please carry out the following steps:

  • Check whether Bluetooth is activated on your mobile end device.

  • If the connection fails again, restart your mobile end device.

  • Go to the device settings on your mobile end device and to the Bluetooth settings. Unpair the IQ HTS, by manually removing it from the list of paired devices.

Changing home or smart end device