Why Siedle?

We regard door intercom systems as part of the building, as an investment. This investment should be as safe and sustainable as possible. Which is why we strive to make our products as good as they can possibly be in terms of quality, design and usability.


What are the characteristic features of our products?

Siedle: far beyond the standard

Quality and investment protection

A Siedle system is a safe investment. We regard door communication as part of the building, as an investment. It must last equally as long.


Siedle design: shaping the future

Siedle is regarded as a successful design-oriented brand with outstanding product design. Over 100 international awards and distinctions bear testament to this. But where does good design come from? And what does good design mean for communication around and inside buildings?

Siedle Axiom: technology for people

Easy operation

Siedle products offer features which make life easier and safer for their users. We favour clarity over superfluous and frivolous complications. This results in systems which are suitable for everyday use and are easy to operate despite their complexity.

Usability and universal design

Think sustainably, act for the environment

Sustainability and ecology are extremely important to Siedle: Environmental protection is a key part of our corporate philosophy, as something of value in its own right. Siedle has had a certified environmental management system for around 25 years and is therefore a pioneer in the region. As a leader, we also have a duty and so we continue to take steps to make our business ever more environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

Environment and sustainability
Siedle: Made in Germany

Made in Germany. Since 1750.

Siedle develops and produces all its products in Furtwangen in the Black Forest. Not only does this help ensure quality, it is also a symbol of the company’s responsibility towards the location and its people.

Developed, designed and manufactured in Furtwangen