A clear view at the entrance

Always see who is at the door


Two new cameras for Siedle intercom systems provide clarity at the entrance. Even when the intercom system cannot be placed in the best position or the entrance is not illuminated, the Siedle cameras deliver razor-sharp video images that pick up all visitors day and night.

Siedle new cameras and Siedle video panel
Thumbs up for a clear view: Siedle’s two new cameras deliver a razor-sharp video image. Indoors, the Siedle video panel with extra-large screen ensures a perfect view of visitors at the entrance.

The cameras feature automatic day/night switchover (true day/night) with integrated infrared lighting. This technology ensures an excellent view even in complete darkness.

Nothing escapes the new Siedle camera 180. It features a horizontal pick-up angle of 175°, covering virtually the entire entrance area. The basic model, the camera 130, is sufficient for most uses. It is a true all-rounder, picking up all of the important goings on at the entrance with a horizontal pick-up angle of 130°.


Design a customised system

The cameras can be integrated into various Siedle intercom systems. Many of these can be customised, for example with a custom paint finish. Users can also combine the indoor call station as they see fit, such as by adding an extra-large screen to the video panel. The Siedle online configurator lets you design your own system in just a few clicks: . Siedle configurator .

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