Siedle Vario for Siedle Access Professional

More digital, more compact, more cost-effective


Siedle Vario, the modular, multi-talented device now has a new look. This includes components which have been specially developed for the Siedle Access Professional IP system: camera door loudspeaker, door loudspeaker, IP switching actuator and its extension. Thanks to a new installation concept, direct IP connection of door stations is possible.

With the Access camera door loudspeaker for Siedle Vario, the manufacturer from the Black Forest has combined two functions in a single module for the first time: Audio and video. Instead of two modules, just one is now sufficient; this makes installation easier and lowers costs – especially for medium and large projects in industry, logistics and commercial sectors.

This is all thanks to an impressive piece of engineering. With a flatter design, the experts at Siedle have integrated all the technology at the rear. The installation concept has also been redesigned: Now all you need to connect Siedle Vario is a network connector on one side and a ribbon cable on the other; installation errors are a thing of the past.

And the clever thermal management with full metal housing at the rear which directly cools the processor is an absolute innovation.

The installation: Compact and cost-effective

The Access camera door loudspeaker is directly connected to the LAN via the RJ45 socket. A standard CAT 7 cable is sufficient for connection to the Access system. A door loudspeaker controller and line rectifier are no longer required for the Siedle Access Professional. Power is now supplied via PoE. In the control cabinet, one horizontal pitch per door is now sufficient – for the IP switching actuator, which is also new and controls the door release on a separate, tamper-proof line. 

Security guaranteed

The concept of the pure IP door with Siedle Access Professional involves a four-stage security concept: Protection against mechanical intrusion with the proven pilfer safeguard controller, protection of all security-relevant components through a separate circuit for the door release contacts, ongoing updates for protocols, authentication and software as well as state-of-the-art encryption of all data transmission to the Siedle server which is hosted in Germany.

Siedle Vario: New technology, new design, proven line

Siedle Vario is the face of Siedle. With this design line, Siedle revolutionised the door intercom system in the 1980s. The modular system rapidly became the industry standard. Now this design icon has a new, modern look, which strikes the right balance between modernisation and preservation. The new modules sit harmoniously and seamlessly in the system design. At the same time, the clear lines, slender frame and finely tuned proportions set distinctive accents.

The new combi module Access camera door loudspeaker for Siedle Vario, the Access door loudspeaker and the IP switching actuators are expected to be available in June 2024.

At the same time, Siedle is bringing out call buttons and an information field in the new Siedle Vario design. These modules can be used in the In-Home bus, apart from the Siedle Access Professional IP system.