Next generation Siedle Vario

Improved usability, IP functionality and new design


Siedle is relaunching its classic Siedle Vario: The new generation offers refined usability, IP functionality and a contemporary look. The new installation concept makes it easier and quicker to install, while the price remains the same.

Siedle Vario represents the epitome of modular door stations, for many it is the ultimate door intercom system. Which is why Siedle continues to refine its design classic. The current relaunch delivers numerous refinements in terms of technology and usability. And Siedle Vario now has a new face: More refined, lighter, more contemporary. For the IP system Siedle Access Professional, Siedle is launching a combined module which combines the camera and door loudspeaker. This allows for considerably smaller systems with the same level of functionality, at a much more cost-effective price.

Overhauled: Door loudspeaker and call buttons

The most striking of the new developments is the door loudspeaker. The characteristic slats are straighter, more refined; inspired by modern architectural design. They protect against rain and moisture like a canopy. Unlike many other products on the market, the loudspeaker is fully suitable for outdoor use, making it extremely reliable and durable.

Siedle has completely revised the operating concept for the call buttons. User tests confirm practically error-free operation. The call buttons can be actuated across almost the entire surface, the nameplate and bell button are clearly assigned.

The pressure point of the buttons can be felt clearly; a new acknowledgement beep confirms the door call. The device is delivered with this function activated and it can be deactivated using a button on the rear.

The homogeneous light distribution ensures easy readability. It has a warmer colour temperature and can be adjusted or completely switched off depending on the ambient lighting.

Quicker and easier: The installation

The new Siedle Vario features a new installation concept: A single ribbon cable is all you need to connect the functions to one another. Screwing wires into terminals is a thing of the past. Installation is now easier and therefore also more cost-effective.

Siedle Vario’s modular principle remains unchanged of course. For retrofitting or modernisation projects, the device can be replaced without any structural changes. The proven mounting frame and housing remain the same. Should older Vario systems need to be upgraded, suitable accessories are available for connecting the new modules.

Combi module for the IP system

The camera door loudspeaker for Siedle Access Professional combines two functions in a single Vario module for the first time: Audio and video. Instead of two modules, just one is now sufficient. This saves time and money when it comes to installation.

Siedle Vario continues to be available in the standard colours white, silver metallic, anthracite grey and micaceous dark grey, as well as a paint finish upon request in any RAL colour.