Mobile switching functions and video streaming fully integrated

Siedle Access Professional 7.1.4


foremost, this enhances the mobile performance of this proven IP system for door communication and building control. The Siedle app takes on signalling and additional functions in the IP system. What is more, digital video decoupling via ONVIF is possible. This release also contains improvements as part of ongoing system maintenance.

“This release is a logical step in light of trend towards complete mobility,” says Product Manager Markus Hummel. After all, in upscale residential developments, smartphones are increasingly becoming the control centre for building control. In companies, by contrast, tasks must be delegated to employees who are working at different locations. With this new release, IP-based systems for door communication and building control from Siedle can now be aligned more closely with these requirements.

Smart functions with the Siedle app

With the Siedle app, up to 44 different switching or signalling functions can be controlled in a system with Siedle Access Professional: From call rerouting or displaying the door status, activating doormatic and switching side entrances to individual functions such as opening barriers or switching on outdoor lighting.

What is more, the Siedle app now distinguishes between door and storey calls. The app displays the location of the visitor that’s currently ringing a door bell.

Video stream via ONVIF

The video core of Siedle Access Professional has been completely revised. A digital video signal is available for all cameras which are integrated in the IP system via a Siedle door loudspeaker controller.

This is called up via ONVIF, an international standard, with which IP-based security products can communicate with one another in a system. The video streams can be used, for example, for round-the-clock video recording or for displaying video feeds in other systems, such as panels for building automation.

Digital video decoupling for Siedle Access Professional can be activated for use with the aid of a fee-based function module. This model allows for straightforward integration of system functions which are not part of the standard scope of Siedle Access Professional.

Activation of such system functions, as well as planning, installation, commissioning and administration of Siedle Access Professional, is carried out by Access Certified Partners (ACP). These are certified partners of Siedle who have been audited to prove their suitability.

Release 7.1.4 of Siedle Access Professional is already available.