Cost-effective supply for small door intercom systems

New standard line rectifier from Siedle


Easy planning, cost-effective supply – that’s the slogan behind the launch of the new bus standard line rectifier from Siedle: Now there’s just this one line rectifier for supplying up to eight residential units, for audio and video door intercom systems

This new bus standard line rectifier is therefore perfect for smaller residential units and detached or semi-detached homes. After all, where the need for security and convenience is at its highest, cost awareness is also at its most pronounced.

Easy planning, easy installation

Siedle's aim was to simplify the approach to smaller door intercom systems as far as possible. “Basically, you no longer need to think about the supply now,” says Stephan Winker, the responsible Product Manager at Siedle. “There’s just this one line rectifier for systems of this scale.“ Now there’s no longer a need to distinguish between audio and video systems either. Installation is quick and easy via Plug+Play or teach in, alternatively with the Siedle programming software. And in the control cabinet, this new all-rounder only requires nine horizontal pitches. This is a space saving of 25% compared to using a bus video line rectifier and transformer for the supply.

Cost-effective video as a set

The new bus standard line rectifier is available for a net price of 291 euros. It’s never been so cost-effective to enter the world of Siedle: Siedle has adjusted the price of the Siedle Basic video sets for one and two residential units.