Video surveillance for every entrance

Everything under control

The improved camera range and new installation kits from Siedle deliver video surveillance for every entrance, whatever the building size and structural situation.

Siedle video installation kit multi-family buildings
Siedle installation kits ensure high-quality video door communication in door panels and letterbox systems. Sold as a complete package, they make planning, assembly and installation much easier.

All angles covered

Siedle offers two cameras for all purposes. These advanced cameras ensure Siedle’s sharpest video images ever, even at night thanks to true day/night technology.
The camera 130 has a horizontal pick-up angle of around 130°, enough to capture everything important happening on your doorstep. Should you need extra coverage, the camera 180 offers virtual wall-to wall surveillance, with a horizontal pick-up angle of around 175°. Both models come at a much lower cost than their predecessors.

Clever kits

The camera forms the core of the new Siedle video installation kits. These complete packages ensure excellent video transmission behind door or wall panels, or in letterbox systems. The new frameless camera holder makes installation simple and precise.

The two kits cover the needs of multi-household homes and large apartment blocks. The basic kit, featuring a camera 130 and components, is suitable for buildings with up to 8 residential units. The expansion pack features the camera 180 and is suitable for up to 29 residential units.

The kits are delivered with in-home technology and can be combined with all Siedle indoor stations and the Siedle app.

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