Siedle technology in a customised appearance

New video installation kits

The new video installation kits from Siedle are complete packages for video door communication in letterboxes and door panels. They make planning, assembly and installation much easier. The two variants cover the needs of multi-household homes and large apartment blocks.

Siedle video installation kit with camera and steel front cover
Siedle technology in a customised appearance: the new installation kits ensure high-quality video door communication in door panels and letterbox systems. Sold as a complete package, they make planning, assembly and installation much easier.

Each kit contains all the required components (camera, custom-fit door loudspeaker, call button matrix and supply devices). The camera is delivered in a new, frameless holder that can be fitted virtually anywhere. All it requires is a wall recess measuring 51 millimetres in diameter, and four fastening points.

Video for every situation

The basic kit (KIT EV 053-0) is suitable for up to 8 residential units and is delivered with the Siedle camera 130, which offers a horizontal angle of 130° that picks up all the important goings on in front of the door.

The expansion kit (KIT EV 058-0) is suitable for up to 29 residential units and expands upon the basic kit with a Siedle camera 180. This has a horizontal pick-up angle of 175° for a high level of security.

Optimised cameras

The cameras in both installation kits feature optimised technology that minimises light reflections, ensures natural colour rendering and excellent night vision thanks to automated true day/night switchover.
Both kits are delivered with in-home technology and can be combined with all Siedle indoor stations and the Siedle app.

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