New: Siedle letterbox

Solo for the post


The new Siedle letterbox offers German quality, intelligent details and free lettering for building owners.

Siedle letterbox flush mounted
The Siedle letterbox is suitable for flush or surface mounting, and can be fitted individually or in combination with a door station.

The letterbox is made from high-quality plastic and features a stainless-steel front panel. A grooved profile keeps the post dry, while the insulated pass-through flap closes softly and does not rattle in the wind.

Flexible placement

The letterbox can be placed flexibly, as the housing is suitable for both flush and surface mounting. The stainless-steel front and clean design ensures an elegant appearance. The letterbox can also be combined with a stainless-steel Siedle door station. This makes it the ideal addition for single and dual-occupancy homes, as well as prefabricated houses.

The letterbox is available with and without nameplate. Both versions feature the street name and house number in foil or lasered lettering. This service is free for building owners.

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