German Design Award for Siedle

Siedle honoured for IQ in-house telephone

The German Design Council has awarded the German Design Award 2021 to Siedle for its in-house telephone. It received a “Special Mention” in the “excellent product design” category.

Siedle IQ in-house telephone German Design Award Special Mention
Excellent design, smart technology: the IQ in-house telephones use an app to bring the door call to the user’s smartphone.

The design of the IQ in-house telephone is based on Siedle’s HT 811 model, which has received many international awards. The award highlights the natural elegance of the Siedle design, which perfectly combines functionality, ergonomics and user-friendliness.

“Attractive alternative to new system”

Alongside the design quality, there was plenty for the jury to praise: “By making it possible to connect old intercom systems with a smart phone, the product represents an attractive alternative to a completely new system. This is an excellent solution that offers a modern and easy way of expanding the comfort of old door intercom systems.”

The new Siedle IQ in-house telephone can be used to retrofit existing systems that date back all the way to 1952 and connect them with the Siedle app. Thanks to the app, door calls can be securely received on the occupant’s mobile end device.

Siedle IQ in-house telephones are available for 1+n and for 6+n from December 2020.

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