Electrical press: German Innovation Award for Siedle

Siedle IQ in-house telephones awarded


The German Design Council honors the Siedle IQ in-house telephones with the German Innovation Award 2021. The award recognizes a sustainable product innovation: With the smart IQ telephones, existing systems can be expanded to include mobile door communication. Siedle IQ brings the door call to the smartphone via an app.

"What previously only worked with modern systems, the Siedle IQ in-house telephones also make available in the case of old systems," explains the jury in its justification. The compatibility with Siedle systems built after 1952 "is remarkable in every aspect", the jury continued. In her opinion, the IQ in-house telephones are "an attractive and elegant way of upgrading the old door intercom system to a state-of-the-art technology without much effort."


Mobile door communication for everyone

Siedle IQ is suitable for systems 1+n and 6+n intercom systems, millions of which are installed on the market. Modernization is very easy with IQ: The in-house telephone is exchanged and connected to the app via the internet router. If the IQ in-house telephone is installed, the user can connect his smartphone to it himself.
The app impresses with excellent voice transmission and full audio functionality. Users can use their smartphones to talk to visitors in front of the door and open the door, via WiFi or mobile communications.


Innovation with top design

The design of the innovative IQ devices is based on the Siedle in-house telephone, which has won several international awards. The design continues to impress: The German Design Council recently awarded Siedle IQ the German Design Award 2021 “Special Mention” in the “Excellent Product Design” category.

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