Entrance controller
EC 602-03 DE
Product detailsEntrance controller in switch panel housing for code lock module COM 611-…, electronic key reading module ELM 6xx-… or fingerprint module FPM 611-…
Display-supported programming of integrated buttons, or by means of PC software via additional programming interface PRI 602-… Electronic evaluating circuit with 2 switching outputs, extendable to 8 with ECE 602-…, 2 control inputs for time-controlled access rights.
Technical data
Operating voltage:12 V AC
Operating current:150 mA
Contact type:2 changeover switches 24 V, 2 A
Ambient temperature:0 °C to +40 °C
Protection system:IP 20
Horizontal pitch (HP):6
Dimensions (mm) W x H x D:107 x 89 x 60
Article information
Article designationArticle descriptionColour/MaterialKGSAP article no.
EC 602-03 DEEntrance controllerBlackB200036355-00
EC 602-03 EN/DKEntrance controllerBlackB200036357-00
EC 602-03 FR/IT/NLEntrance controllerBlackB200036356-00
Article designationArticle descriptionColour/MaterialKGSAP article no.
ECE 602-0Entrance controller extensionBlackB200015970-00
ZRCE 602-0Ribbon cableOthersB200017875-00
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