Bus door loudspeaker module
BTLM 650-04
Product detailsBus door loudspeaker module for Siedle Vario with integrated loudspeaker and microphone.
Performance features:
• Front grille made of weather and UV-resistant polycarbonate
• Loudspeaker, voice volume can be adjusted
• Durable electret microphone
• Light button with LED-lit light symbol
• Work contact for door release, can be controlled without additional wiring via existing bus line
• Integrated camera actuation
• Connection of a COM 611-… code lock module and/or DRM 612-… display call module for digital call input
• Acoustic feedback when pressing a call button can be activated
Technical data
Contact type:Contact 15 V AC, 30 V DC, 2 A
Switching time:DR, 3 sec
Ambient temperature:–20 °C to +55 °C
Protection system:IP 54
Height of structure (mm):9
Dimensions (mm) W x H x D:99 x 99 x 35
Article information
Article designationArticle descriptionColour/MaterialKGSAP article no.
BTLM 650-04 AGBus door loudspeaker moduleAnthracite greyA210004906-00
BTLM 650-04 DGBus door loudspeaker moduleMicaceous dark greyA200038829-00
BTLM 650-04 SMBus door loudspeaker moduleSilver metallicA200036814-00
BTLM 650-04 WBus door loudspeaker moduleWhiteA200036816-00
Article designationArticle descriptionColour/MaterialKGSAP article no.
Vario 611 AGTouch-up applicatorAnthracite grey0210007124-00
Vario 611 DGTouch-up applicatorMicaceous dark grey0210007123-00
Vario 611 SMTouch-up applicatorSilver metallic0210007117-00
Vario 611 WTouch-up applicatorWhite0210007116-00
ZVK 650-01/1000Connecting cable BTLM 650-… 1000 mmGreyE200087156-00
Documents available for downloading
Spare parts
Article designationArticle descriptionColour/MaterialKGSAP article no.
BTLM 650-...Terminal blockBlackE200029523-00
TLM 611/612/645- TLE 051-02, TLE 061-0, BTLM 650-LoudspeakerOthersE200029074-00
TLM 611/612/645-.../01, BTLM 650-.../03MicrophoneOthersE200029078-00
TLM 61x-01, BTLM 650-... AGLight button with light symbolAnthracite greyE210007065-00
TLM 61x-01, BTLM 650-... DGLight button with light symbolMicaceous dark greyE200029980-00
TLM 61x-01, BTLM 650-... SMLight button with light symbolSilver metallicE200029098-00
TLM 61x-01, BTLM 650-... WLight button with light symbolWhiteE200029096-00
Vario 611Sealing frame modulesGreyE210007484-00
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